Painting your hardwood floors may seem a little odd, but adding a splash of color changes the whole dynamic of the decor. White floors are a new trend that continue to be a wonderful design idea. White painted floorboards can give your home a modern, elegant, or rustic look. White floors also make the other colors used in a room pop more. Every accent color shines beautifully because of the simplicity and elegance of the white floorboards. Also, if you do not want the pure white look, which looks more modern, then allow some of the original wood color to show. Allowing part of the wood to show amongst the paint, gives your room a more rustic appearance. blog 2

If white painted floorboards are not your style, then experiment with whatever color works best. Great and black floorboards are also popular, but any color can work. Do not be afraid of being adventurous with your creativity.

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blog 1Click here to see our Janka Hardness chart, which is used to measure the capacity of different species of wood to withstand pressure.

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