White Area Rugs

blog 1blog 3Many people shy away from having a white area rug in their home because if anything spills on it, then the rug is ruined. However, now with SmartStrand Silk carpet by Mohawk, you can have a white area rug in your home without worrying about it being destroyed by one stain. SmartStrand Silk carpet is soft to the touch and stain resistant, and the stain resistance treatment won’t wear off. Almost any stain on the rug can be cleaned with just a little water.
Mohawk carpet is a great choice for an area rug because you get can get it cut into the exact size you need, and you can buy it at a great price. The SmartStrand Silk carpets are durable and comfortable, and there are many to choose from. They have just plain white carpet, and they also have patterned white carpet if you want more than just a plain area rug. Your home can have a lovely white area rug without living in fear that one mishap with a drink or muddy shoes will ruin it.

Click here to see our collection of white colored carpet by Mohawk SmartStrand Silk.

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