New Stainmaster Carpet from The Showcase Collection

Recently Carpet Express’ Showcase Collection released seven new carpets featuring the Stainmaster nylon fiber. Some of the carpets have the Stainmaster Active Family fiber and some have the Stainmaster Pet Protect fiber.

Stainmaster Active Family is a durable fiber that is made of high-quality materials and made to perform well. Also, Stainmaster Active Family carpets are nylon carpets. The carpets with this fiber are available in a large selection of styles and colors. In addition, Stainmaster Active Family is durable enough to withstand your family’s active lifestyle. The carpets with this fiber resist food and beverage stains.

Stainmaster Pet Protect resists pet stains, reduces pet odors, and releases pet hair from the carpet!
To get the full benefits of Stainmaster Pet Protect carpet, you must purchase the Stainmaster carpet pad.

Here are the seven new carpets from the Showcase Collection:


Diva Stainmaster Carpet

English Trellis

English Trellis Stainmaster Carpet

Park Place I

Park Place I Stainmaster Carpet

Park Place II

Park Place II Stainmaster Carpet

Rose Garden

Rose Garden Stainmaster Carpet

Suave I

Suave I Stainmaster Carpet

Suave II

Suave II Stainmaster Carpet
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Milliken Introduces New Drayton Rug Collection

Milliken has many area rug collections to choose from, and the new Drayton Collection is inspired by the Drayton Mills in South Carolina. Drayton Mills is a Milliken textile plant that has an influential legacy and exciting future for the company. The local and historical influence in the designs makes each rug unique and draws attention. The distressed design layer on each rug adds more to the timeless classic look of each rug. Each rug in the Drayton collection from Milliken will look well in any home. Below are the new patterns in the Drayton Collection.

Timeless Classics from Milliken for Any Home

Here are some of the features of the rugs in this collection from Milliken:

–Five coloration options, unique to each respective pattern
–Five sizes, including a large 10.9 foot by 13.2 foot size to address current trends
–Stainmaster Tactesse BCF Nylon 6,6 for performance-driven construction
–Lotus FMTM Fiber Shield with Teflon Protectant for stain repel and resist, and soil release to meet the demands of today’s busy homes


Check out the selection of Milliken area rugs from Carpet Express.

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