Dixie Home Carpet with Stainmaster Pet Protect

manufacture_73Dixie Home has many beautiful carpets to choose from, but they also have some carpets that are great for homes with pets. A few of the carpets from Dixie Home are made with Stainmaster Pet Protect. Stainmaster Pet Protect resists pet stains, reduces pet odors, and releases pet hair from the carpet! Stainmaster Pet Protect is one of hte best carpets for dogs and cats in the market. Don’t worry about stains because even if you can’t get to the accident right away, the Stainmaster Pet Protect will keep the pet accident from ruining or staining your carpet. You can easily get out any spots with some hydrogen peroxide-based cleaners.
The Dixie Home carpets with Stainmaster Pet Protect range from patterned to trackless carpet. Any of these carpets will look great in your home, and you won’t have to worry about anymore messes or accidents from pets. Also, to get the full benefits of Stainmaster Pet Protect carpet, you must purchase the Stainmaster carpet pad as well. feature_25

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