EPIC from Shaw


EPIC is an engineered hardwood from Shaw that is a true breakthrough in hardwood manufacturing. This engineered hardwood is stylish and it has many great advantages. EPIC flooring is Eco-friendly, durable, and dimensionally stable. Also, this engineered hardwood uses 50% less newly harvested wood than conventional engineered flooring. In addition, Shaw’s EPIC engineered hardwood has a ScufResist Platinum finish.
Epic’s name stands for:
E – Environmentally Preferred
P – Peak Performance
I – Installation Advantages
C – Complete Product Offering

Environmentally Preferred

  • Shaw’s EPIC hardwood uses 50% less newly harvested wood than conventional engineered flooring and it is made with EnviroCore. EnviroCore is a high-density core board, which is made from recycled post-industrial wood fiber.
  • This engineered hardwood is made in the United States with wood harvested from well-managed domestic forests.
  • Cradle to Cradle – Silver Certified
  • Certified as an Environmentally Preferred Product
  • Qualifies for LEED credits
  • GREENGUARD certified, and it meets the GREENGUARD indoor air quality requirements

Peak Performance

  • EnviroCore’s recycled wood fibers are tightly compressed, which makes the EPIC products harder, denser, and they perform well.
  • The Janka Hardness test proved that this flooring is harder than solid and engineered flooring products that feature softer core boards.
  • The ScufResist Platinum finish helps the product resist wear and scuffing very well.
  • The product’s density helps it stay more stable as the seasons change.

Installation Advantages

  • This product can be installed on any level of a home, including the basement
  • This product can be installed with any installation method
  • The longer average board lengths give a premium visual and faster installation

Complete Product Offering

  • Epic collections have great style, design, and gorgeous colors.
  • This product is offered in a wide range of finishes, from traditional to rustic, and from smooth to distressed and hand-scraped.
  • Epic is available in a variety of species and looks
  • Widths available: 3 1/4″, 5″, and 6 3/8″

We have two EPIC engineered hardwoods available on our website: Colonial Oak 3.25″ and Colonial Oak 5″

Click here to see Colonial Oak 3.25″.
Click here to see Colonial Oak 5″.

Click here to see more Shaw hardwood products.
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Shaw Green Edge

2Shaw Chairman and CEO Vance Bell says that sustainability at the company means driving innovation, protecting and efficiently using resources, and engaging with associates, customers, and communities while focusing on the long-term. Over the years, Shaw has continued to become more efficient with how Eco-friendly their products are and how the products are made, which can be seen in their yearly sustainability reports.

Here are a few highlights from the 2013 Shaw Sustainability Report:

  • The company recycled more than 700 million pounds of carpet.
  • The company achieved 64% of product sales from Cradle to Cradle Certified products.
  • The company’s continued dedication to transparency through Health Product Declarations (HPDs) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).
  • The company invested $20 million in energy and greenhouse gas reductions through efficient equipments and systems in recent years.
  • Shaw installed a 1MW solar panel system on the roof of their carpet tile manufacturing facility in Cartersville, GA.


Shaw has set new sustainability goals that they want to reach before or by the year 2030.

  • Reduce energy intensity 40%
  • Reduce total waste to landfills 100%
  • Reduce hazardous waste 100%
  • Reduce water intensity 50%
  • Achieve an OSHA incident rate of zero
  • Design 100% of products to Cradle to Cradle protocols.

Shaw continues to create new products that help the environment. The most environmentally friendly carpet from Shaw is any of their carpets made of Anso Nylon. Anso Nylon is a nylon 6 fiber, which means it can be recycled into carpet fiber again and again, endlessly. Anso Nylon carpets do not have to be thrown in landfills because they can be recycled to create entirely new carpet. Anso Nylon carpets have great performance, built-in stain and crush resistance, and they are beautiful to have in a home.
Shaw continues to strive for new and innovative ways to create great products for their customers, and they strive every year to help the environment more and more.

Click here to see our collection of Shaw carpets.
Click here to see our collection of Shaw Anso Nylon carpets.

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Updates to the Shaw Soft Shades Collection this Spring!

manufacture_30This spring the Shaw Soft Shades Collection is going to be updated with a bold new color line. The new color line will feature more greys and a few accent colors. Grey is one of the colors of the year, and it is a very sophisticated neutral. Gold undertones have always been the style for residential carpets over the years, but now grey undertones are becoming the trend. Grey and beige are being mixed together to create a nice neutral color that will go well with any interior design.
Don’t worry about this going out of style any time soon because grey is a timeless neutral that adds a sense of elegance and sophistication to any home.
The Soft Shades Collection from Shaw is a great choice for anyone who wants a soft, durable, and beautiful carpet in their home. This spring you will be able to get this carpet in many new colors.

Click here to see the Soft Shades collection from Shaw.
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As Seen In “42”

42 Logo

Shaw creates beautiful carpet and hardwood flooring. Two of their great products were  featured in the movie “42,” which focuses on the life of Jackie Robinson and his journey to Major League Baseball. Beautiful flooring is essential in movies, but it is great to see such nice products in an inspirational movie.
“42” used Shaw’s Golden Opportunity 2 1/4″ 4s in color Rustic Natural. Golden Opportunity was used in multiple key scenes in the movie, and it was also featured in Robinson’s home. This product is a solid hardwood flooring and it is made from red oak.
Another Shaw product used in the film was Sandy Hollow III 12′ in the color Blue Suede. Sandy Hollow III is made of 100% Anso Nylon, and the face weight is 58.5 oz.  This carpet also has the R2x stain treatment and Softbac Platinum backing.

We have both of these great products on our website. If you enjoyed seeing these floors in the movie, well now you can have these floors in your own home.

Click here to see Golden Opportunity.
Click here to see Sandy Hollow III.

Click here to see our collection of Shaw Hardwood.

Click here to see our collection of Shaw Carpet.

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Coming Soon! – Shaw LifeGuard

shaw-lifeguardThis year, Shaw Floors is introducing Lifeguard, which is its new carpet protection system. This protection system covers the entire product from face fiber to backing. Carpets that have LifeGuard are treated with Shaw’s patented R2X Stain and Soil Resistance Protection. These carpets also have a patented 100% thermoplastic commercial grade backing, which provides a moisture barrier that is highly resistant to liquids soaking into the carpet padding and sub-floor.
LifeGuard’s patented backing system keeps liquids from seeping into the carpet backing, which makes the carpet easier to clean and offers protection against odor causing spills, such as pet accidents. Shaw’s LifeGuard protection system will dissipate and eliminate odors in 30 minutes or less. Also, the stain and soil resistance will not wear or wash off after repeated cleanings.
Shaw carpets with LifeGuard are easy to clean, maintain, and install. Also, since the backing is flexible, the carpet is easy to install on stairs. The carpets with Lifeguard also help protect painted baseboards and door casings. In addition, most of this carpet is recyclable because of how it is constructed.

Click here to see our selection of Shaw carpet.

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Shaw Takes LVT Flooring to the next Level with Floorté


Shaw’s new line, Floorté, is a newly engineered Enhanced Vinyl Plank (EVP) that repels moisture with zero need for acclimation. Luxury vinyl tile is growing in popularity, but the temperature changes and moisture have always been an issue, so Shaw has created this new line of LVT. Floorté is a different composition of resins that incorporates a new locking system, which makes the floor completely waterproof. In addition, an underlayment is not needed with the Floorté flooring. Shaw’s Lifeguard Core helps keep the water from going through the flooring, but the walls of the house and the sub-floor are not included in the waterproof guarantee. Shaw’s hard surface team tested the Floorté luxury vinyl tile flooring by submerging it in a tank of water for ten days. The flooring was easy dried by wiping it off with a cloth, and then it was ready for installation.
Another issue that this flooring addresses is acclimation. Floor acclimation can be a big issue sometimes depending on what flooring you want to install. Sometimes you install a beautiful floor in your home, but one year it could be extremely cold and the floor can shrink and become ruined. However, with Floorté, you are able to have a floor that can go from 55 degrees to 85 degrees without growing or shrinking due to changes in temperature. The different resins in the luxury vinyl tile are what allow it to hold its shape in different temperatures. An installer can take this product out of their vehicle and directly install it without any acclimation.
Floorté comes in two different collections, Classico and Premio. Classico comes with a 12 mil wear-layer, and it is available in 14 different colors. Premio has a 20 mil wear-layer, and it is available in 13 different colors. These two collections feature exotic olive colors, traditional exotic colors, grays with muted dark tones, and even a pattern that looks like a 200 year old Italian door with watermarks and aging. Floorté is a rigid LVT product that feels more like read wood flooring.

Click here to see our collection of Shaw LVT.

Click here to see Classico.

Click here to see Premio.

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Shaw’s New Digital App – Floorvana

floor vanaShaw Floors digital and residential marketing group has created a new app called Floorvana. Floorvana is a color matching app that will help consumers capture and connect their inspiration with the perfect flooring for all of their rooms.
Floorvana was named from the term “nirvana” and a sense of “being in the perfect state.” This app allows consumers to capture inspiration anywhere and transform it to the floor. The consumer can take an image of anything and update it to Floorvana, which will then filter through different color selections across all flooring categories. The consumer can create a color palette and browse products that they might want to use in their home or use to show other people as inspiration.
Floorvana is available for download on Android and iPhone.
Click here to see our selection of Shaw products.

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Shaw’s 2015 Color of the Year: Lady In Grey

shawOn December 17, Shaw Floors announced that its 2015 color of the year is “Lady in Grey.” Emily Morrow, the director of color, style, and design for Shaw Floors, said that Shaw’s design team has noticed the continuation of grey as a major movement in fashion, home furnishings, and other textiles. She also said that “Lady in Grey” is a sophisticated, modern, high-fashion, and elegant hue.
In 2015, chic coastal designs and blending classic decor with a modern twist are going to be very popular. The rustic-industrial look that involves rusted metals and exposed beams has shifted to a more refined rustic look with the inclusion of softer, luxurious fabrics and patterns. Large geometric patterns in carpet will also be popular in 2015.
Click here to see our collection of Shaw carpet.
Shaw has created a great Youtube video that talks about the new 2015 color, “Lady in Grey.”

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HGTV Smart Home 2014 Featuring Shaw Flooring

smart homeThe 2014 HGTV Smart Home, which is located in Nashville, Tennessee, showcases the latest home technology fused with Eco-friendly features and energy efficient design. This year’s Smart Home features many floors from Shaw, and all of these floors add green qualities, better efficiencies, and luxurious style to every room of the Tudor-style home.
The home has hardwood, area rugs, carpet, tile, and stone from Shaw Floors. The home features an engineered hardwood called Smart Style, which is Cradle to Cradle certified to meet the world’s most rigorous criteria for environmental responsibility.
The carpet used in the home is Cashmere II, which is from Shaw’s Caress collection, and Idyllic Escape. Caress by Shaw mimics nature’s flawless palette with its variety of 50 shades in essential neutrals, atmospheric blues, verdant greens, quiet grays, and earthy browns. Cashmere II is soft and it is made with the durable Anso Caress Nylon. This carpet is also treated with Shaw’s patented R2X Stain and Soil resistance system. Idyllic Escape is a 100% nylon carpet that is great for active families. smart house 2
The 2014 HGTV Smart Home also uses different tile and stone flooring by Shaw. The home has ten different tile and stone flooring by Shaw. The products used were: Glass Essentials, Glass Essentials 3×6, Elements 3×6, Colonnade Mosaic, Boca Basketweave, Boca Pencil Liner, Nepal Mosaics, Boca Hexagon Mosaic, Turnbury 3×6, and Briarcliff. Tile is always a great choice for kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms, which is where these floors were used. All of these tile and stone floors resist moisture, stains, and bacteria, which make them naturally hygienic. Also, tile is an Eco-friendly choice and some of Shaw’s styles contain 40% recycled content.

All of these floors look great in the HGTV Smart Home, but they would also look great in your own home.

Click here to see our collection of Shaw’s engineered hardwood.
Click here to see our collection of Shaw’s carpet.
Click here to see our collection of Shaw’s tile.

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Creating The Perfect Mudroom

mudroomA mudroom may be a small room in a house but it is a perfect place to have fun with decorating. Even small rooms can help add some flair to your home. The first thing you need to get for your mudroom is the right flooring. Ceramic tile and resilient vinyl flooring are great options for mudrooms because they are moisture-tolerant flooring options. Make sure to choose a forgiving color because this is the most active room in the home, and you will be dealing with mud being brought into the house on rainy days. Make sure that the flooring has texture too so you will avoid slips and falls. Having a rug that is easy to clean and stain-resistant is also another great idea for a mudroom. mudroom 3
After you pick the flooring, then you can have fun decorating the rest of the room. Try to pick a paint color that will hide hand prints if your kids decide to put mud on the walls or if your pet shakes muddy water everywhere. If you don’t want a darker color then try to pick a paint that is easy to clean. Find some unique accessories to put in the room to hold umbrellas, coats, and even dirty shoes.

Click here to see our resilient vinyl flooring.
Click here to see our ceramic tile.

We would love to know what flooring you used in your mudroom and how you decorated.

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