New Additions to Armstrong Hardwood

Recently Armstrong has added some new colors to their different hardwood collections. The Performance Plus, Prime Harvest, and American Scrape are the three collections that have new color additions.

Here are the specific products that have the color additions:

Performance Plus – Birch


Performance Plus – Oak


Performance Plus – Maple


Performance Plus – Walnut


Prime Harvest Maple Solid


Prime Harvest Hickory Solid


American Scrape – Maple



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New Commercial Hardwood from Armstrong!

1Armstrong Commercial Flooring recently announced they have two new additions to their hardwood product lineup. The two new additions are called Midtown hardwood and Performance Plus hardwood. Midtown hardwood has rich grain patterns and a low gloss. Performance Plus hardwood has low and medium gloss options. Both products will give your business a beautiful, highly desired natural wood look with the durability that you need.

The Performance Plus hardwood is part of the Custom Color Program, which provides customers with the option to match color schemes. The Midtown hardwood is not part of the custom color program but it does have a distinctive flooring that uses a choice of nine species, multiple colors, textures, widths, thicknesses, and acoustical features.

In addition, the Performance Plus hardwood features an aluminum oxide finish, which provides the flooring with added surface protection and resistance to scratches and stains. The hardwoods use birch, cherry, hickory, maple, walnut, and white oak.

Click here to see our collection of Armstrong Commercial flooring.
Click here to see our collection of Armstrong hardwood.


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