Modern Rustic Interior Design

11Modern Rustic is an interior design style that will be very popular this year. The style is so adaptable for many different homes. Modern Rustic blends charming rustic styles with sleek modern designs and functionality. Rustic designs have been popular for many years, and adding modern functionality will make this style stay and evolve for many years to come. The most important part of having a modern rustic space in your home is to have an open floor plan. The open floor plan will allow the rustic flooring and decor to be shown off well with the modern elements in the room.
One of the main components to creating a modern rustic design is to bring the quality of natural materials such as wood and stone inside the home. Wood panels or other natural wall coverings such as stone will create a stunning natural look to the room. If wood panels are too expensive, then there are many realistic-looking wallpapers that have wood or stone patterns.
The most important feature of the room is the flooring. The floor is an essential part of making the design work. For a modern rustic look, you should use flooring that provides a strong, rustic finish that has different weathered visuals. You can use stone patterned flooring or wood patterns that look weathered or aged. Vinyl, luxury vinyl tile, or hardwood will work great for this type of design. Since the flooring and walls will have a rustic theme, the furniture and appliances in the room should have a modern theme. For living rooms, use more sixties and seventies style modern, and with kitchens and dining areas, use ultramodern furniture and appliances.33
For a modern rustic design, you should also make sure that the upholstery and different accent pieces in the room also feature the rustic and modern aspects. The large pieces of furniture should have a neutral tone, and the cushions should be made of natural, non-dyed fabrics. Also, the more natural light the room has, the better the design will work.

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