Milliken Carpet’s First Sustainability Report

manufacture_21Recently Milliken released its first-ever sustainability report, which provides transparency and detailed insight into the company’s global operations and products.
The material issues addressed in the report include: chemical and human health impacts, recycled content and ability to be recycled, resource consumption, and supply chain impacts of products.
Here are some key highlights from the report:

  • Achieving zero waste to landfill goals for 22 years
  • Reducing Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 17.5% and 6.4% respectively
  • Reducing energy consumption by 13.6%
  • Reducing water consumption by 35.7%
  • Reducing waste generation by 11.2%
  • Completing Declare transparency labels for Milliken PVC-free broadloom and modular carpet to now provide three third-party-verified environmental certifications/labels
  • Supporting charities around the world with volunteer commitments and monetary and product donations

The Milliken Sustainability Report meets the requirements of LEED V.4 MRc3 credit and precedes advancements across multiple components of Milliken’s sustainability program.
Click here to see our collection of Milliken carpet.
Click here to see Milliken’s sustainability report.

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Best Value on High-End Animal Prints

Milliken Carpet creates many beautiful high-end carpets at affordable prices, but their animal print carpets really stand out. Exotic Journey and Exotic Touch are the two animal print carpets from Milliken. They are available in tiger, leopard, cheetah, and zebra patterns.

Both Exotic Journey and Exotic Touch are made of Stainmaster nylon and they have a lifetime anti-static protection warranty.

Exotic Journey

ej 1ej 2ej 3

Exotic Touch

et 1 et 2

et 3

et 4

















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