Tarkett Expands Rubber Flooring Solutions

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Tarkett has delivered the natural appearance of brushed aluminum, hand-tooled leather, and hand-troweled concrete to the Johnsonite rubber flooring collection with the introduction of three new textured finishes. The three new textures Brushed, Concrete, and Leather are ideal for hospitality and corporate buildings, and the natural finishes bring out rich colors and mineral looks to the rubber flooring.
The three new textures were achieved through complex etchings, which were created from hand-drawn files. The rubber tiles offer the market realistic, natural finishes, and they bring rich colors and mineral looks to rubber flooring.
Lee Eisinger, president of Akron Metal Etching said that Johnsonite is able to capture the appearance and texture of brushed aluminum, hand-tooled leather, and hand-troweled concrete without the flooring taking over the room.
The rubber tiles are available in 12″ x 12″ and 24″ x 24,” and the rubber textures allow for design continuity with popular embossing or surface treatments that are found in other types of flooring. The replication of metallic and minerals creates textures that bring a unique quality to every tile. The new texture options maintain a unique, luxurious appearance while they provide slip resistance, shock absorbing qualities, and natural acoustic properties.
The three new textures, like all Johnsonite rubber flooring, provide extreme durability and a “no finish required” maintenance schedule for low-cost upkeep. To make the cleaning process better, design changes ensured that every facet of the tile surface is rounded, which guarantees minimal debris collection in the textures.
Brushed, Concrete, and Leather are made in the United States in an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified plant, which assures quality and a positive environmental impact.Click here to see our collection of Tarkett flooring.
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