Color Trends of 2015

Marsala and grey are the main colors for 2015, but there are also a few other colors that are going to be popular this year in interior design.

Last year’s color, English Royal Navy, remains a top color this year even though it was last year’s color. Navy is a classic color, just like grey, because it offers a timeless appeal to any home and design. Navy is also a universal color because it goes with so many other colors, so you can pair it with any furniture or accent pieces in your home.
Indian Ocean Teal is another color that will be popular this year. This color serves as a bridge color between the cool, light water colors that are already prevalent in many homes and the dark tones of classic navy or even black. This rich color will also add a nice look to any home.

Another color that will be used in many interior designs this year is British Racing Green. This color can be a playful, preppy, and youthful addition or accent in your home. The color is Coral, which is going to be a very popular color this year. You can use just a small splash of this color in your home, and it will immediately liven up the place.
You can use all of these colors in your home without having to paint the walls or re-do the entire flooring. Just adding rugs, throw pillows, accent pieces, or wall art will be enough to bring these beautiful colors to life in your home. The best part about all of these colors is that they can be paired with grey or Marsala.




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