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What is FreeFit?

FreeFit is a new waterproof luxury vinyl tile/plank flooring that does not require an adhesive. This innovative flooring is totally glueless, waterproof, antibacterial, and free of phthalates. Installation is easier than it has ever been with FreeFit luxury vinyl tile.
FreeFit is 4mm thick and it has a 20 mil wear layer. It has 100% dimensional stability, and it has a suction technology that forms an anti-skid surface between the sub-floor and the FreeFit luxury vinyl tile. This flooring is becoming popular in hospitals around the country because it is waterproof, antibacterial, free of phthalates, easy to clean, and easy to install. FreeFit can also be used in many different commercial and residential applications.

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FreeFit planks and tiles must be installed tightly against perimeter walls without expansion gaps, and you will need to use Gecko Tape during the installation. Gecko Tape will be the locking agent around the perimeter for the FreeFit luxury vinyl tile. The Gecko Tape helps hold down the product to prevent any space for moisture penetration or movement. The rest of the floor can be installed like normal. Replacing any of the FreeFit tiles is also an easy process because you just take out the damaged tile or plank and put down a new one.

FreeFit also comes with a limited lifetime residential warranty and a 15 year commercial warranty. This product is easy to install, easy to maintain, and has an amazing warranty.

Please call 1-800-922-5582 for more information.

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