Engineered Floors

Engineered Floors may be less than two years old, but it continues to make a big impact in carpet manufacturing. Located in Calhoun, Georgia, Engineered Floors is making a tremendous impact in the low to mid range priced carpet. Without a doubt, solution dyed polyester is the best value in carpet today, and no one makes it as good looking or as cheap as Engineered Floors.

The price is cheap but this is the highest quality polyester in the carpet industry. Brand new state of the art fiber extruders, twisters, and heat setters produce the durable fiber that makes these fantastic products. It’s fantastic (not just because it is cheap) but because it performs great too. The fiber is solution dyed which makes it extremely stain proof, and able to stand up to aggressive cleaning. It’s a filament so it will not fuzz, and the fiber has a high twist level which makes it very durable.

Carpet Express sells a style called “Cadillac” for $1.22 a square foot. This is probably the best deal on higher end residential carpet I have ever seen. This is an exceptional value for a 45oz casual trackless carpet.

Engineered Floors was founded by Bob Shaw (the founder and former CEO of Shaw Industries). It will be interesting to see what Engineered Floors will do next!

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New Addition: Bruce Springdale Plank

At Carpet Express, we try to bring our customers the best values in the flooring industry. Bruce Springdale Plank by Armstrong is one of the best engineered wood flooring products on the market today. Its 3-ply construction is 100% oak, where most engineered wood uses a cheaper wood as a filler, and only has oak as the bottom ply and the top veneer.

We wanted to bring this product to the market at a price that would compete with Chinese imports and lesser American made products.

And then it hit us. Bring in truckloads. Buy it in bulk, and sell it cheap.

Call us today to find out what we’re selling this hot product for – (800) 922-5582.

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TV Commercials

but-wait-theres-moreHeeeeerrrrre’ssssss Mike! – Besides a 35 year career in all phases of the floor covering industry, Mike is also an accomplished writer, producer, and actor. The TV commercials on the following page were filmed by Charter Communications, and aired over the last 6 years. A few of the commercials were controversial, most were humerous, but all were intended to promote the excellent prices, products, and service at Carpet Express. In no way did Mike or Carpet Express intend to offend anyone in producing these 30 second ads. I hope you will enjoy the show.

Carpet Express’ TV commercials >>

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The 2008 International Builders’ Show

International Builders Show in Orlando, FloridaThe “2008 International Builders’ Show” held February 13 – 16 in Orlando, Florida was a tremendous success for Carpet Express. This was the 10th consecutive year we showed and also our best. The enthusiasm builders showed toward our floor covering products and prices would make you think we were in a building-boom instead of a nation wide housing slump.

Hardwood Flooring and laminate were our most requested products, but our carpet programs and specials were also well received. Many builders looking for engineered hardwood could not believe we were selling Bruce’s 3″ Turlington CW at $1.59 sq. ft. and Bruce 5″ Lock & Fold CW at $1.99 sq. ft. WOW! We had never seen this much excitement or had so many orders placed on the spot at the show.

Hardwood Flooring, Laminate Flooring, and Carpet were our featured programs at the Carpet Express booth at the 2008 International Builders ShowOur nail down strip, plank, and exotics were also very popular. The 3/4″ solid Brazilian Cherry, 3/4″ solid Hickory, and 3/4″ solid oak hand scraped ranging from $3.99 to $4.99 sq. ft. were a big hit. These season builders understood a tremendous value when they saw it.

Beautiful hardwood flooring in-stock and ready to ship to your building site is a great way to make a happy customer. As one builder said, “We’re going to be doing a lot of business for a long time, and I’m not just blowing smoke. Please send those samples ASAP.”

Hardwood Flooring at The International Builders' Show was a great success.The “International Builders’ Show was great. If you missed us there, please call (800) 922-5582 or email to take advantage of these great deals.

The International Builders’ Show would not be complete without celebrities and a lot of hoopla. With the “Daytona 500” only three days away and 45 minutes from the convention center, many drivers visited their sponsors’ booths at the show. Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, and Tony Stewart all drew huge crowds. The floor covering business was great, but it is always fun to take a little time to enjoy the show.

If you’ve never visited the International Builders’ Show, you should. It is a great experience. With our seniority, we will gladly supply free tickets for our customers and friends for the 2009 Builders’ Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. We hope to see you there!

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