Milliken Carpet’s First Sustainability Report

manufacture_21Recently Milliken released its first-ever sustainability report, which provides transparency and detailed insight into the company’s global operations and products.
The material issues addressed in the report include: chemical and human health impacts, recycled content and ability to be recycled, resource consumption, and supply chain impacts of products.
Here are some key highlights from the report:

  • Achieving zero waste to landfill goals for 22 years
  • Reducing Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 17.5% and 6.4% respectively
  • Reducing energy consumption by 13.6%
  • Reducing water consumption by 35.7%
  • Reducing waste generation by 11.2%
  • Completing Declare transparency labels for Milliken PVC-free broadloom and modular carpet to now provide three third-party-verified environmental certifications/labels
  • Supporting charities around the world with volunteer commitments and monetary and product donations

The Milliken Sustainability Report meets the requirements of LEED V.4 MRc3 credit and precedes advancements across multiple components of Milliken’s sustainability program.
Click here to see our collection of Milliken carpet.
Click here to see Milliken’s sustainability report.

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Dalton Carpet Industry Leading The Way for Carpet Recycling!

The Dalton carpet industry continues to lead the way for eliminating waste that is sent to landfills. Many manufacturers use different methods to manufacture and recycle carpet in more Eco-friendly ways. Carpet manufacturers in Dalton continue to create sustainability plans that will reduce water usage, reduce energy intensity and increase use of renewable energy, cut greenhouse emissions, increase the use of recycled, bio-based content in the carpet, and to eventually eliminate the use of landfills.
Recently J+J Flooring Co. in Dalton, GA has eliminated its waste contributions to local landfills, and they have been verified as a zero waste-to-landfill manufacturer. No industrial or office waste goes to any landfill. The company has taken many positive steps to make sure that their employees recycle everything in the office, and all of the parts of carpet are broken down to be recycled as well.
The Dalton carpet industry now uses more recyclable materials in their carpets and recycles old carpet than ever before. The carpet manufacturers are putting more focus on creating programs to break down and recycle their carpets. Hopefully, one day in the future, all of the carpet from landfills will be recycled and no future carpet will ever be placed in a landfill.


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Life Happens – Shaw LifeGuard


Life Happens is a new residential carpet collection from Shaw that features their new LifeGuard protection system. LifeGuard is a revolutionary protection system that covers the entire product, from face fiber to backing. All of the Lifeguard carpets are treated with Shaw’s patented R2X Stain and Soil Resistance protection. In addition, the thermoplastic backing gives the carpet a waterproof barrier that prevents liquids from soaking into the carpet padding and the subfloor.Why_Shaw_03_Shaw_Advantage-Slide1
The LifeGuard’s patented backing system keeps liquids from seeping into the carpet backing, which allows for an easier cleanup and protection against odor-causing spills and pet accidents. In addition, the R2X Stain and Soil Resistance System gives the carpet an exceptional level of liquid stain resistance because of the liquid will stay on the surface of the carpet, just like the picture shows below. Since the liquid will stay on the top of the carpet and not soak through the backing, you will have more time to discover the spill and clean it up. After the mess has been cleaned up, the carpet will dry quickly.


The Life Happens carpets also combat household odors, and they retain their appearance because of the Anso CrushResister High Performance Nylon. These carpets are resistant to becoming fuzzy, the carpet tufts resist being pulled out, the edges will not ravel easily, and the carpet/backing is less likely to suffer delamination. In addition, the carpet is easy to install because the backing is flexible. This carpet bends well so it is perfect for stairs, and the softness of the carpet backing helps protect painted baseboards and door casings.

The LifeGuard products are designed to be recyclable at the end of their lives. Every part of the carpet is completely recyclable, and they are Cradle to Cradle certified. The video below will explain more about how the carpet is recyclable and Eco-friendly.

Here are the warranties for the carpets in the Life Happens collection.

Lifetime Warranties: Waterproof Backing, Stain & Soil, No Wrinkle, No Edge Ravel, No Delamination, and Tuft Bind.
25 Year Warranties: Texture Retention, Abrasive Wear, and Quality Assurance

There are many beautiful carpets to choose from in this collection, and they feature the newest design and color trends.

Click here to see the Life Happens collection from Shaw.


Here are some great carpet options from this collection:

All Is Well


Close Call


Things Happen



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New Solar Array at Mohawk in Summerville Facility

20090319223036_Logo.jpg.pagespeed.ce.UDSfFEG5xmvTWZ6bjZn2In collaboration with Constellation, United Renewable Energy and Georgia Power, Mohawk Industries has installed a new solar array at their Summerville manufacturing facility. The new solar panels will generate approximately 628,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity with zero greenhouse gas emissions annually.
This renewable energy source removes the same amount of greenhouse emissions produced by 90 passenger vehicles or about 40 homes over the course of one year, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency data.

Click here to see collection of Mohawk flooring.


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EPIC from Shaw


EPIC is an engineered hardwood from Shaw that is a true breakthrough in hardwood manufacturing. This engineered hardwood is stylish and it has many great advantages. EPIC flooring is Eco-friendly, durable, and dimensionally stable. Also, this engineered hardwood uses 50% less newly harvested wood than conventional engineered flooring. In addition, Shaw’s EPIC engineered hardwood has a ScufResist Platinum finish.
Epic’s name stands for:
E – Environmentally Preferred
P – Peak Performance
I – Installation Advantages
C – Complete Product Offering

Environmentally Preferred

  • Shaw’s EPIC hardwood uses 50% less newly harvested wood than conventional engineered flooring and it is made with EnviroCore. EnviroCore is a high-density core board, which is made from recycled post-industrial wood fiber.
  • This engineered hardwood is made in the United States with wood harvested from well-managed domestic forests.
  • Cradle to Cradle – Silver Certified
  • Certified as an Environmentally Preferred Product
  • Qualifies for LEED credits
  • GREENGUARD certified, and it meets the GREENGUARD indoor air quality requirements

Peak Performance

  • EnviroCore’s recycled wood fibers are tightly compressed, which makes the EPIC products harder, denser, and they perform well.
  • The Janka Hardness test proved that this flooring is harder than solid and engineered flooring products that feature softer core boards.
  • The ScufResist Platinum finish helps the product resist wear and scuffing very well.
  • The product’s density helps it stay more stable as the seasons change.

Installation Advantages

  • This product can be installed on any level of a home, including the basement
  • This product can be installed with any installation method
  • The longer average board lengths give a premium visual and faster installation

Complete Product Offering

  • Epic collections have great style, design, and gorgeous colors.
  • This product is offered in a wide range of finishes, from traditional to rustic, and from smooth to distressed and hand-scraped.
  • Epic is available in a variety of species and looks
  • Widths available: 3 1/4″, 5″, and 6 3/8″

We have two EPIC engineered hardwoods available on our website: Colonial Oak 3.25″ and Colonial Oak 5″

Click here to see Colonial Oak 3.25″.
Click here to see Colonial Oak 5″.

Click here to see more Shaw hardwood products.
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Shaw Green Edge

2Shaw Chairman and CEO Vance Bell says that sustainability at the company means driving innovation, protecting and efficiently using resources, and engaging with associates, customers, and communities while focusing on the long-term. Over the years, Shaw has continued to become more efficient with how Eco-friendly their products are and how the products are made, which can be seen in their yearly sustainability reports.

Here are a few highlights from the 2013 Shaw Sustainability Report:

  • The company recycled more than 700 million pounds of carpet.
  • The company achieved 64% of product sales from Cradle to Cradle Certified products.
  • The company’s continued dedication to transparency through Health Product Declarations (HPDs) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).
  • The company invested $20 million in energy and greenhouse gas reductions through efficient equipments and systems in recent years.
  • Shaw installed a 1MW solar panel system on the roof of their carpet tile manufacturing facility in Cartersville, GA.


Shaw has set new sustainability goals that they want to reach before or by the year 2030.

  • Reduce energy intensity 40%
  • Reduce total waste to landfills 100%
  • Reduce hazardous waste 100%
  • Reduce water intensity 50%
  • Achieve an OSHA incident rate of zero
  • Design 100% of products to Cradle to Cradle protocols.

Shaw continues to create new products that help the environment. The most environmentally friendly carpet from Shaw is any of their carpets made of Anso Nylon. Anso Nylon is a nylon 6 fiber, which means it can be recycled into carpet fiber again and again, endlessly. Anso Nylon carpets do not have to be thrown in landfills because they can be recycled to create entirely new carpet. Anso Nylon carpets have great performance, built-in stain and crush resistance, and they are beautiful to have in a home.
Shaw continues to strive for new and innovative ways to create great products for their customers, and they strive every year to help the environment more and more.

Click here to see our collection of Shaw carpets.
Click here to see our collection of Shaw Anso Nylon carpets.

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Nylon Recycling Game: Nylla

nyllaThe game, Nylla, puts you in the role of the sea turtle Nylla, who travels around the world recycling nylon in the form of carpet and fishing nets. In this game, you can either play in the ocean or in corporate offices. You collect carpet from the offices while avoiding desk chairs, and you collect fishing nets in the ocean while avoiding sharks. This game is sponsored by EcoNyl, which is a brand from fiber manufacturer and CRI member Aquafil. The game teaches players the importance and value of recycling nylon. The game has a simple premise, but the overall message is the main part of this fun game.
Aquafil, along with other CRI members, have taken up the mantle of sustainability and are making huge strides in advancing carpet recycling along with making carpet a sustainable product. Nylla is a fun and creative way to educate consumers about the importance of carpet recycling.
Nylla is available for free through the App Store on iOS devices only.

Click here to see our nylon carpets.



nylla 2nylla 3

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Cork Flooring

Interest in cork flooring has grown over the years. Cork flooring is made from sustainable materials, which makes it a green product, and it comes in a large variety of colors and patterns.                                 Cork Floors - Lisbon Cork "Mora" Flooring

Cork flooring is soft and warm to the touch, which makes it great for rooms where you will be standing for long periods of time. It holds up well in high traffic areas. Cork flooring also absorbs sound, and it reduces heat loss in your home. In addition, you can install cork flooring with adhesives or a click-and-lock system.

Click here to see our selection of Cork flooring.

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