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4Pinterest boards are created for different occasions, holidays, fashion trends, and even rooms of a home. They are great ways to get inspiration or ideas about how to decorate your own home. We have created many Pinterest boards of our own, which have great ideas for each type of interior design style.
One of our boards, the Eclectic Personality, has a lot of great ideas on how to create an eclectic style in many different rooms of a house. You can use many different types of flooring and area rugs to help create a fun eclectic design. Hardwood flooring and area rugs are the most popular choices for eclectic design, but you can use whatever flooring you prefer.

Click here to see our Eclectic interior design Pinterest board.

If you would like a step by step way to create an eclectic style living room, then check out this blog: “Creating an Eclectic Interior Design.”

Here are a few images of eclectic styled rooms:


Click here to see our selection of hardwood.
Click here to see our selection of area rugs.

We would love to hear about how you would create an Eclectic design in your home, and if you already have an Eclectic design, we would love to see pictures.

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Creating an Eclectic Interior Design

eclectic 1 revised 2

Eclectic interior design may seem like a chaotic mix of random furniture and decor. However, an eclectic design means that you have brought different styles and decor together in a way that makes sense to the eyes. An eclectic design is fun and unique, but you have to follow a few design tips to get the design to work.
Here are seven simple rules that will help you create an Eclectic style in your home:

1. Limit the amount of design styles you mix in the room – Try to only use three or less styles so your room won’t look too busy.

2. Limit the amount of colors used in the room – You should pick one color as a primary, which will be used for large areas such as the walls and floor. I would pick a neutral or dark muted color for the primary color. The second color chosen should be used for sofas, area rugs, and furniture. After those colors, you can use 2 to 3 little bright accent colors for throw pillows, art, or lamps.
Here is a great idea for the flooring – wood revised

3. Use colors and textures to unite objects from different styles and time periods.

4. Use layers – Put large objects at the back and put smaller objects in front on a dresser or table. Layering like this will give the room depth and interest.

5. Use wall art
eclectic 2 revised 3
6. Don’t be scared to experiment!

7. Don’t be scared of abundance – Eclectic style is famous for using many decorative objects, which make interiors look boho and cozy. Be creative in the room and use your own DIY projects, souvenirs from vacations, pieces of artwork, tribal cushions, and oriental rugs.

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We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas about eclectic interior design. Also, if you have a room designed in an eclectic style, we would love to see it!

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