Best Pet Friendly Carpet

Carpet and pets used to never get along well in the home, but now there are some great pet friendly carpet options. Shaw, Mohawk, Dixie Home, Tuftex, Engineered Floors, and Dreamweaver produce beautiful, durable, and pet friendly carpet.



Shaw’s pet friendly carpet is called the LifeGuard collection. LifeGuard is a revolutionary protection system that covers the entire product, from face fiber to backing. All of the LifeGuard carpets are treated with Shaw’s patented R2X Stain and Soil Resistance protection. In addition, the thermoplastic backing gives the carpet a waterproof barrier that prevents liquids from soaking into the carpet padding and the subfloor.

The LifeGuard’s patented backing system keeps liquids from seeping into the carpet backing, which allows for an easier cleanup and protection against odor-causing spills and pet accidents. Since the liquid will stay on top of the carpet and not soak through the backing, you will have more time to discover the spill and clean it up.

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Mohawk’s pet friendly carpet is the SmartStrand Forever Clean collection, which features the new All Pet Protection and Warranty. The new warranty covers all pets and all accidents. SmartStrand Forever Clean has a Nanoloc layer, which is designed specificaly to make triexta easier to clean and maintain. The Nanoloc formula adheres to the fiber and it also allows flexibility so that the carpet will be soft to the touch. In other words, Nanoloc is an advanced spill-resistant shield made from nano-particles that seamlessly lock together, which prevents dirt and spills from settling into the carpet. Also, the unique fiber structure and Nanoloc shield make vacuuming dirt, fur, and pet dander easier.

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Dixie Home and Tuftex carpets have Stainmaster Pet Protect carpets in their collections. Stainmaster Pet Protect resists pet stains, reduces pet odors, and releases pet hair from the carpet. Homeowners with Stainmaster Pet Protect carpets from Dixie Home or Tuftex do not have to worry about stains because even if you cannot get to the accident right away, the Stainmaster Pet Protect will keep the pet accident from ruining or staining the carpet. You can easily get out any spots with some hydrogen peroxide-based cleaners. Also, to get the full benefits of Stainmaster Pet Protect carpet, you must purchase the Stainmaster carpet pad as well.

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dreamweaver engineered floors

Engineered Floors and Dreamweaver also have some great pet friendly options at affordable prices. Their carpets are made of solution-dyed polyester carpet fiber called PureColor and PureSoft Cashmere. The color is in every part of the carpet fiber, which makes it great in terms of being pet friendly. The color of the carpet will not wear off or fade easily. Also the PureColor and PureSoft carpets have a SoilShield protection system, a Limited Lifetime Fade and Limited Lifetime Stain warranty. So with the advantages of the fiber types and the warranties, these carpets are perfect for homes with pets.

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