ColorMax Technology – Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet

ColorMax technology offers a new way to dye carpet fibers to ensure color uniformity throughout the entire floor. The SmartStrand carpet styles with ColorMax technology feature a tri-color yarn twist. This tri-color yarn twist created a well balanced and blended color. ColorMax from Mohawk Carpet creates a richer color saturation in every fiber by combining multiple yarns and dyeing methods. This technology adds an addition level of color and style to SmartStrand carpets. In addition, the ColorMax technology won the 2019 TISE Best of Innovation Award.

ColorMax Technology from Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet

There are many gorgeous SmartStrand carpets to choose from with the innovative ColorMax technology. You can live stress free with the kid-friendly and pet-friendly SmartStrand carpets.

ColorMax Technology from SmartStrand Mohawk Carpet
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