Chevron Flooring

chevron 2Chevron is a stylish pattern that can be seen everywhere. Clothing, decorative home items, and even walls now feature the beautiful chevron pattern, and once again flooring is made into a chevron pattern. This popular pattern first originated for flooring in 17th century France. It was featured in the homes of kings, queens, and many other members of the nobility. Chevron is a zig-zag pattern that connects at a 45 degree angle. Most people use hardwood to create this patterned flooring in their home, which is a traditional approach. You can use the same color of wood for the entire flooring or you can alternate between two different colors or more.  chevron 1

If hardwood is not what you prefer, then tile can create gorgeous chevron patterns as well. Tile allows you to be even more colorful and innovative when creating a chevron patterned floor. You can use this pattern in any room of the house, and it goes well with so many interior decorating styles. If using hardwood or tile is not right for you, then grab some paint and have a blast creating your own chevron pattern.

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