Design with Champagne Beige in December

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Many people use rich reds or deep greens to decorate during December for the holiday season, but champagne beige is a gorgeous color to use during the holidays. Champagne beige is also one of the popular colors for 2015, which Pantone declared earlier this month. Champagne beige is going to be used in everything from wallpaper and carpeting to table lamps and throw pillows.

Champagne beige is a great color to use for flooring. Many carpets are made in this color, and this color will go with anything. It is a nice neutral base that gives your home a sense of elegance. If you don’t want to use champagne beige colored carpet, then you could always just buy a champagne beige area rug. If you can’t find an area you like, then you can always have an area rug made from a carpet.

Here are three champagne colored carpets that you could use in your home or use as an area rug:
Oh Happy Day
Just You ‘n’ Me
Casual Magic
If you want to use the color throughout the house instead of on the floor, then you can use it as the color of the bed comforter, lamp shades, throw pillows, or even curtains. Champagne beige can be used in many different ways throughout the house, so have fun decorating with this color this holiday season.

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