Dalton Carpet Industry Leading The Way for Carpet Recycling!

The Dalton carpet industry continues to lead the way for eliminating waste that is sent to landfills. Many manufacturers use different methods to manufacture and recycle carpet in more Eco-friendly ways. Carpet manufacturers in Dalton continue to create sustainability plans that will reduce water usage, reduce energy intensity and increase use of renewable energy, cut greenhouse emissions, increase the use of recycled, bio-based content in the carpet, and to eventually eliminate the use of landfills.
Recently J+J Flooring Co. in Dalton, GA has eliminated its waste contributions to local landfills, and they have been verified as a zero waste-to-landfill manufacturer. No industrial or office waste goes to any landfill. The company has taken many positive steps to make sure that their employees recycle everything in the office, and all of the parts of carpet are broken down to be recycled as well.
The Dalton carpet industry now uses more recyclable materials in their carpets and recycles old carpet than ever before. The carpet manufacturers are putting more focus on creating programs to break down and recycle their carpets. Hopefully, one day in the future, all of the carpet from landfills will be recycled and no future carpet will ever be placed in a landfill.


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Shaw Industries Releases 2014 Sustainability Report


Recently, Shaw Industries released their 2014 Sustainability Report. Shaw shifted to the Global Reporting Initiative’s newest G4 standard converged with a notable increase in the demand for supply chain transparency surrounding product ingredients across the flooring industry. Shaw was prepared for the shift after designing for Cradle to Cradle Certified product standards. The company is continuing to develop innovative sustainability solutions to create a better future for its customers, associates, and communities.

“In the past 2 years, we have committed $540 million in capital investments to enhance our operations, including $350 million in expansions,” said Vance Bell, chairman and CEO, Shaw Industries. “These initiatives in infrastructure, equipment, advanced technology, and product development will get underway throughout 2015 and 2016, and result in 1,000 new jobs in the coming years – this is the kind of innovation that creates a more sustainable future.”

Shaw’s holistic approach to sustainability is that every material, every process, and every action is designed for a better future.

The new report outlines significant initiatives such as:

Product Stewardship
Shaw announced a more than $20 million investment in a new recycling facility in Ringgold, GA. This new facility is called Evergreen Ringgold, and it will be the first of its kind to recycle nylon as well as polyester carpet. This expansion to Shaw’s recycling capabilities builds upon the company’s efforts that have resulted in the collection and recycling of more than 800 million pounds of post-consumer carpet since 2006.

Material Use
Shaw takes the utmost care to ensure that the materials that go into its products are both safe and environmentally responsible. In 2014, 66 percent of the sales of Shaw manufactured products were Cradle to Cradle Certified Silver.

Branding and Marketing
Shaw is committed to communicating responsibly and regularly about its products and the company’s approach to sustainability. Through its commitment to Cradle to Cradle and numerous other sustainability standards and reporting tools, Shaw employs labels and certifications as credible evidence of the company’s commitment to transparency and third-party verification and to help facility product purchase decisions.

Talent Management
Shaw recognized the changing needs of its people and its business and identified key leadership characteristics that will be important in Shaw’s success moving forward. Shaw also began to establish more formal opportunities for its associates to support each other through affinity groups such as the Women’s Innovation Network (WiN) and ShawVET. These and other efforts resulted in Shaw being named number eight on the Forbes’ inaugural list of America’s Best Employers.

Click here to see Shaw’s 2014 Sustainability Report.

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Nylon Recycling Game: Nylla

nyllaThe game, Nylla, puts you in the role of the sea turtle Nylla, who travels around the world recycling nylon in the form of carpet and fishing nets. In this game, you can either play in the ocean or in corporate offices. You collect carpet from the offices while avoiding desk chairs, and you collect fishing nets in the ocean while avoiding sharks. This game is sponsored by EcoNyl, which is a brand from fiber manufacturer and CRI member Aquafil. The game teaches players the importance and value of recycling nylon. The game has a simple premise, but the overall message is the main part of this fun game.
Aquafil, along with other CRI members, have taken up the mantle of sustainability and are making huge strides in advancing carpet recycling along with making carpet a sustainable product. Nylla is a fun and creative way to educate consumers about the importance of carpet recycling.
Nylla is available for free through the App Store on iOS devices only.

Click here to see our nylon carpets.



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