Cheap Doesn’t Mean Low Quality at Carpet Express

Cheap CarpetFor decades, we have made a name for ourselves by having discounted carpet styles. Carpet Express has saved thousands of customers money all over the U.S.A. We’ve done this by traditional good business practices like having a healthy stock on hand while maintaining great relationships with our suppliers and customers. We’ve been able to keep costs down in a tough economy. Our Sales and Management teams are working closely together to follow the market and seek out the perfect products. We have searched the catalogs of America’s best manufacturers for styles that are unbelievably affordable. These collections feature full color-lines, exciting patterns and styles as low as $0.88 a square foot. Recently Carpet Express developed a program that utilizes another approach to getting cheap prices on quality carpet. This line starts at the unbelievable price of $0.60 a square foot. We call it the eColor Collection.

eColor CarpetOur eColor carpet is American made, stain proof, fuzz proof, fade proof, and comes with 10-15 year wear warranties. Styles with these specs would normally sell for much higher, but there is a big difference. eColor carpet fiber is made with a streamlined state-of-the-art manufacturing process. Furthermore, we have limited these collections to the most popular colors. So instead of creating 30-50 colors, we specialize on 5-10 popular colors. This cuts down cost in manufacturing, stock, and overall expense. These savings are passed on to all our customers. From wholesale customers, rental property managers, to residential homes at every price range, our customers have fallen in love with these dependable and affordable products. Shop online today. Our flooring experts are waiting for your call or email. 800-922-5582


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Engineered Floors

Engineered Floors may be less than two years old, but it continues to make a big impact in carpet manufacturing. Located in Calhoun, Georgia, Engineered Floors is making a tremendous impact in the low to mid range priced carpet. Without a doubt, solution dyed polyester is the best value in carpet today, and no one makes it as good looking or as cheap as Engineered Floors.

The price is cheap but this is the highest quality polyester in the carpet industry. Brand new state of the art fiber extruders, twisters, and heat setters produce the durable fiber that makes these fantastic products. It’s fantastic (not just because it is cheap) but because it performs great too. The fiber is solution dyed which makes it extremely stain proof, and able to stand up to aggressive cleaning. It’s a filament so it will not fuzz, and the fiber has a high twist level which makes it very durable.

Carpet Express sells a style called “Cadillac” for $1.22 a square foot. This is probably the best deal on higher end residential carpet I have ever seen. This is an exceptional value for a 45oz casual trackless carpet.

Engineered Floors was founded by Bob Shaw (the founder and former CEO of Shaw Industries). It will be interesting to see what Engineered Floors will do next!

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Ask the Experts: Home Depot Carpet

Question: We purchased carpet from Home Depot manufactured by Dixie Home. Began to notice matting and packing down in front of chairs, then in high traffic areas. We have had inspection by Stainmaster and Dixie Home. They say that is normal, not covered as normal traffic, and I have no claim. This began to show after only one and a half years. Warranty was for 7 year against normal wear, against matting and packing. We are in our 60s, and are not in this home but around 8 months of the year, so we just want people to question and read the fine print on the warranty.

Anita & David

Answer: I am sorry that you are not happy with your carpet that you purchased at Home Depot, but some carpets just look more matted or crushed compared to other types. For instance, a real loose Frieze with a long yarn might look matted compared to short tight twisted carpet. It will not matter what the yarn is, it will just appear to look matted and that’s why the warranty may not apply in your situation.

I don’t know this for sure, but Stainmaster is usually pretty good about taking care of claims. I just don’t know if you were sold the right carpet for what your expectations were. Sometimes inexperienced sales personnel don’t really listen to what the customer’s needs are, and they get lost in just trying to close the sale.

If we can in any way help you get the proper carpet for your home, just call or email us here at Carpet Express. We’d be glad to help you get the carpet you’re really looking for.

Mike Jones

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2009 Fall Flooring Sale

Our fall sale at Carpet Express was a tremendous success. Lots of customers and suppliers mixed business with pleasure as they joined us for Randy’s famous hot dogs and some fantastic deals. We served over 800 hot dogs with all the trimmings during this 3-day event. Good food and satisfied customers made this sale a fun time, despite all the rain.

The following are highlights of the many deals offered during the fall sale:

  • “CASH FOR CARPET” – we paid cash for your old carpet when you purchased new flooring and installation.
  • 121 pages of vinyl inventory to choose from starting at $0.29 per square foot.
  • Tremendous selection of hardwood flooring like Armstrong’s 5″ Northshore plank (tavern grade) at $1.59 per square foot.
  • Great deals on residential and commercial carpet (cuts at roll prices from most mills).
  • 15% off our already low priced area rugs. Plus an additional 10% off if you purchased hardwood flooring.
  • Laminate flooring at $0.79 per square foot.
  • Premium high-gloss laminate at $1.99 per square foot.
  • Great deals on ceramic tile which can be installed by the best installer in Dalton, Ga.
  • Bostitch nail gun FREE with the purchase of a pallet of Bostitch staples.
  • Installation deals from our FloorTek Installation company.

It was a great week for Carpet Express and we hope each and every customer enjoyed their shopping experience. Great deals and expert customer service is what we are all about.

Thanks for another successful Fall Sale!

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Ask the Experts: Roll price vs. Cut price?

Question: When you say “prices listed are cut prices,” what does that mean? Does that include the pad and installation? For example, I see a Stainmaster saxony carpet for $38.95 a sq-yd. Is that just the carpet price or does it include installation and pad?


Answer: Cut pricing means buying less material than is on the standard roll. For transparency in our prices, materials and installation are priced separately. Roll sizes from most manufacturers are between 134 square yards and 200 square yards per roll, depending upon the style and weight of the carpet. As a rule, higher end carpet usually has only one price.

If you have a style in question, please call me at (800) 922-5582 or email and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Best regards and thanks for the quesion,
Jim Young, Jr.
Carpet Express, Inc.

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How Much Did You Pay for That Carpet?

Your square yard price is only the beginning. Be sure you’re only paying for enough carpet to cover your floor. Otherwise, you might be paying for phantom carpet, and putting excess cash in your installer’s or your dealer’s pocket.

Beware of low prices from full service dealers!

I’ve asked serveral people about the cost of the carpet they recently purchased for their home. They usually say something like, “Oh it was about $30.00 per square yard.” Or they might say the carpet was $20.00, the pad was $4.00, and installation was $6.00 per square yard. How much did you pay for that carpet?Then I ask how many yards they bought and they say “I’m not sure. About 120 yards.”

Then I ask “how do you know you got 120 yards?” and they say “because it’s on the invoice.”

So you think they actually installed 120 yards? The invoice only tells how many yards you paid for.

At this point, the light goes on, they look bewildered and say “You know, I don’t have any idea how many yards they actually installed in my house. All I know is the installer measuredand told me how many yards I needed. “

Think about it. If your carpet man pads your order by 20%, that’s a lot of money to his bottom line. One million in annual sales a year, and that’s a whopping $200,000 in extra profit! This is the ultimate sale for a retailer or installer. A sale with absolutely no cost. No material cost. No labor cost. 100% of this phantom sale goes to the bottom line.

It might be the local retailer, it might be a Big Box, or it might be the installer. But whoever the scammer is, it’s very hard to catch, and very hard to prove. If it’s the installer, he might say “Oh, I ran the carpet a different direction so your seams won’t show,” or “they must have shorted you at the mill.” You may even catch him taking a roll off the job site, in which case he’ll just say it was extra, and he was returning it to the mill for credit. The point is, it can be hard to prove.

The worst I’ve ever seen was a job that needed about 400 yards and the installer figured the job at 700 yards. When I asked the lady if she really thought her house needed 700 yards of carpet, she said that her other estimate had called for 650 yards! These installers would make between $3,000 and $5,000 extra profit on this one job! At the customer’s expense! The larger the job, the more room for creative measuring.

The only way to protect yourself from this fraud is to review the yardage requirement for your job. This should be done with the installer or your salesperson. If you make a simple drawing of the areas to be computed, the process should make sense. But under most circumstances, you should not need over 10% more carpet than the square yardage you are covering. The larger the house or office, the less overage you’ll need (percentage wise).

I hope this lesson of the phantom carpet sales helps you answer my question. “How much did you pay for that carpet?

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