EverClean Carpet from Beaulieu

Carpet that Pet Owners Love!

EverClean carpet is a solution dyed polyester carpet collection from Beaulieu. This carpet collection from Beaulieu features Magic Fresh, the company’s environmentally friendly odor neutralizer, and 3M Scotchgard Protector. The 3M Scotchgard Protect guards your carpet from stains and dirt.

The carpets in the collection are available in many different colors and styles. Any of the carpets from the collection will complement any design in a home. The carpets in this collection reduce pet odors, resist pet stains, and they are easy to clean. In other words, EverClean carpets are a great choice for a home with pets.

Check out our collection of Beaulieu Carpets.

EverClean room scene


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Healthy Touch Carpet from Beaulieu

Durable, Comfortable, and Healthy for any Home

Healthy Touch is a residential carpet collection from Beaulieu of America. All of the carpets in the collection are made of SoftSense™ BCF Polyester. SoftSense is a soft and durable carpet fiber. The carpets in the collection also feature Magic Fresh air purifying treatment, 3M Scotchgard® Protector, and Silver Release® antimicrobial treatment.

Healthy Touch carpet collection from Beaulieu features plush carpet, trackless carpet, and patterned carpet. There are many carpets to choose from and they will compliment any design in a home.

Here are just a few of the carpets from the collection:



Check out the collection of Beaulieu carpets.

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Beaulieu Supports MLB Atlanta Braves with Red Carpet Runway

Recently, Beaulieu provided a red carpet runway for the MLB Atlanta Braves at the inauguration game on April 14. The carpet was 220 feet long by 12 feet wide. April 14th marked the grand opening of SunTrust Park, which is the new home for the Atlanta Braves in Cumberland, Georgia. .

Check out our collection of Beaulieu carpet.

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Beaulieu of America Launches Two New Bliss Carpets for this Fall

Beaulieu Bliss

Beaulieu America has created two new carpets for their popular super-soft category, and the carpets are named Bliss Vivid and Bliss Hypnotic. Both of the new products are companion textures made of Tryelle, which is the new super-soft PET filament fiber made exclusively by Beaulieu America.
Randy Sanford, Beaulieu America’s director of residential product management, says that Bliss Vivid and Bliss Hypnotic have the perfect aesthetic combination of superior feel and gorgeous visuals, which is the result of Tryelle yarn innovation.
Bliss Vivid is a solid color that is offered in thirty of today’s most popular shades of nature’s best neutrals, comfortable colors, and trendy accents. Bliss Hypnotic has 12 family-friendly colors, which are accented by stone-inspired points of color. The colors used for Bliss Hypnotic create a comfortable and inviting floor in any home. Both products have Beaulieu’s patented Magic Fresh odor reduction technology, and they are treated with a proprietary formulation of 3M Scotchgard soil and stain protector. Bliss products ensure that your home will remain clean and fresh year after year, and the carpet stays looking newer, longer.

Click here to see our Beaulieu Bliss flooring.
Bliss Vivid

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Beaulieu America and Georgia’s Great Promise Partnership Program

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce recently recognized Beaulieu America for its participation in Georgia’s Great Promise Partnership Program. Beaulieu has partnered with the Dalton City School System and Morris Innovative High School. Karel Vercryussen, president and CEO of Beaulieu America says that Beaulieu wants to be active in promoting education in Dalton, Georgia.

Georgia’s Great Promise Partnership Program places teens, who are at-risk, with participating employers, such as Beaulieu America. The program instills in the teens a sense of accomplishment and hope. The teens also learn meaningful on-the-job skills and responsibility.

“Our 10 student workers must pass drug tests and screenings just like regular employees, and they receive pay just like employees, too,” said Lynn Chambers, vice president of employee development at Beaulieu. “To stay in the program, they must maintain their grades and attendance at school.” Georgia’s dropout rate is about 12 percent. “So, we see the program as not only giving the students practical, real world work experience, but also encouraging them to remain students. It’s a text book win/win.”

Since the beginning of February, Beaulieu has invested in the program by assigning supervisors, who have had background checks, to work with the teens. The company also has mentors, who encourage and listen to the teens.

Angie Ledford, Beaulieu’s talent development coordinator sees great potential in the teens, and she said that the teens will have a successful future with the company after graduation.


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Carpet Price Increases

Just to keep you informed of the upcoming price increases in the carpet industry, here are some excerpts from a couple letters sent to us by the mills.

Mohawk stated in a letter dated April 25, 2008:

“The recent series of increases occuring in the energy sector have continued to plague the floorcovering industry. As oil approaches historical records, the entire raw material chain associated with carpet production has been negatively impacted by these trends. While we have continued our efforts to mitigate the impact of high enrgy and material costs through a combination of aggressive cost controls, expense reduction and increased prices, these latest rounds of further material increases by our suppliers in polymer, fiber, backings and latex have required us to raise carpet prices. Effective with order of all residential and commercial carpet products on June 3rd, and shipments after June 16th, we will be increasing prices by a range of 4-7%…”

On April 29th, 2008 Beaulieu had this to say:

“Raw materials and energy used to produce and transport carpets have continued to increase during the first quarter and into the second. During the past four months, we have been absorbing these additional cost increases. We had hoped to see these increased raw material costs to subside. Unfortunately, they have not, and we must pass them along both in carpet and freight surcharges.

Effective with order on June 2nd and shipments on June 16th we will increase carpet prices 4-8%.”

Here at Carpet Express, we fully comprehend the frustration of rising prices. We will continue to offer our floorcovering products at the best discount prices we can.

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