Beaulieu America and Georgia’s Great Promise Partnership Program

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce recently recognized Beaulieu America for its participation in Georgia’s Great Promise Partnership Program. Beaulieu has partnered with the Dalton City School System and Morris Innovative High School. Karel Vercryussen, president and CEO of Beaulieu America says that Beaulieu wants to be active in promoting education in Dalton, Georgia.

Georgia’s Great Promise Partnership Program places teens, who are at-risk, with participating employers, such as Beaulieu America. The program instills in the teens a sense of accomplishment and hope. The teens also learn meaningful on-the-job skills and responsibility.

“Our 10 student workers must pass drug tests and screenings just like regular employees, and they receive pay just like employees, too,” said Lynn Chambers, vice president of employee development at Beaulieu. “To stay in the program, they must maintain their grades and attendance at school.” Georgia’s dropout rate is about 12 percent. “So, we see the program as not only giving the students practical, real world work experience, but also encouraging them to remain students. It’s a text book win/win.”

Since the beginning of February, Beaulieu has invested in the program by assigning supervisors, who have had background checks, to work with the teens. The company also has mentors, who encourage and listen to the teens.

Angie Ledford, Beaulieu’s talent development coordinator sees great potential in the teens, and she said that the teens will have a successful future with the company after graduation.


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