Armstrong’s Diamond 10® Technology: A Cut Above the Rest.

Armstrong Flooring first introduced the world to its Diamond 10® Technology in 2015 on its Vivero line of luxury vinyl tile (LVT). Since then they’ve rolled out the innovative coating to most of their products including their vinyl sheet, making them standouts in a highly competitive flooring market saturated with products boasting similar qualifications. So, what exactly is so special about Diamond 10® Technology?

As Hard as Diamonds

The main concern for many consumers when choosing a flooring is how it will stand up to every day wear and tear as well as unavoidable accidents that can and will happen in places of high foot traffic. Armstrong Flooring developed this proprietary technology with durability in mind. Cultured diamonds are one of the key components of the coating, the mineral is known as being one of the hardest materials in the world on the Mohs’ scale – the only thing that can scratch a diamond is another diamond!

Armstrong believes you don’t have to sacrifice beautiful style and function in order to have a product that offers exceptional performance (100% waterproof, stain, scratch, and scuff resistant).

Flooring with Diamond 10® Technology just makes practical sense. Whatever your needs, Armstrong’s floors stand up to the demands of everyday living, sustaining integrity for far longer than most of it’s competitors.

Take a look at some of Armstrong’s finest products offered by Carpet Express:

Walnut Cove

Armstrong’s Vivero Better line of luxury vinyl tile offers a flooring that mimics the timeless style of wood.

Mesa Stone

From Armstrong’s Alterna line of Engineered Tile. Made with 70 percent limestone, this product mimics the natural aesthetic and feel of stone.

Ancient Fury
From Armstrong’s Duality Premium line of vinyl sheet comes Ancient Fury in the color style Tempered Youth.

Piqued your interest? Head over to the Carpet Express website for unparalleled deals on Armstrong products including those with its patent – pending Diamond 10® Technology!

Want to read more about Armstrong and it’s products? Check out another blog article from us at Carpet Express: “Armstrong Commercial Vinyl and VCT “.

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Armstrong Commercial Vinyl and VCT

Armstrong Flooring continues to innovate beautiful and durable products. They have gorgeous hardwood flooring and luxury vinyl tile for your home, but they also have a large collection of commercial vinyl and VCT flooring options. Beautiful design is not only for a home, it can also be for a business or office. Here are some stylish options from Armstrong Commercial.

Armstrong Commercial Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Armstrong sheet vinyl flooring combines dramatic and realistic visuals such as slate, limestone, sisal, linen, and more! You can create endless designs with these available styles. Also, the sheet vinyl flooring from Armstrong is durable and easy to maintain. You can get sheet vinyl ranging from 6 feet wide to 12 feet wide. Also, there are nice solid colors as well if you do not want a specific visual for the floor.

Armstrong Commercial VCT

The VCT (Vinyl Composition Tile) from Armstrong is available in a range of styles and patterns. The large pattern variety allows people to create inspiring and innovative flooring designs. VCT is a great choice for high traffic areas in hospitals, schools, and more.

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Armstrong Launches New Commercial Laminate Designs and Colors

Armstrong continues to design innovative commercial laminate flooring, and they have created many new designs and colors for 2014. Armstrong’s new products provide a solution for the most popular trends in the present commercial interiors. The current design trends include wood looks, featuring mismatched aesthetics that offer a sophisticated modern twist. Other popular trends are interior motifs that blend the old with the new, or vintage and contemporary, and they have a sense of history in the style. Armstrong also allows its customers a variety so they can create designs with a high number of unique planks, mixed species, multiple widths and lengths, and surface texturing to create additional realism.
Both of these trends with textural and reclaimed hardwood looks, inspired the new Armstrong collections of designs and colors. Within the Architectural Remnants collection, the Woodland Reclaim has two new stylish colors, which are old original wood brown and old original barn gray. Woodland Reclaim has the look of nine reclaimed hardwoods, which are birch, red oak, sycamore, pine, teak, elm, ask, white oak, and hickory. The product is available in sixteen unique planks and three different widths.
Global Reclaim, which is also a stunning new design in the Architectural Remnants collection, blends reclaimed exotic wood looks such as apple wood, eucalyptus, and maple. The Global Reclaim also eighteen unique planks with dusty blush tones, and the new design will create an elegant look for any upscale retail environment.

Within the Rustics Collection, the new Reclaimed American Chestnut in the color sepia brown provides a new look to one of America’s most well-known rare and reclaimed Northern hardwoods, chestnut. Chestnut is beautifully enhanced with natural knots and mineral streaks in the Rustics Collection. The new design, Forestry Mix, has a harmonious blend of hickory, white oak, and red oak. Forestry Mix has three colors, which are white washed, gray washed, and brown washed.  Each colors has twenty-four different planks that display the varied stain characteristics of each species, which creates a beautiful fit for all commercial uses at a great price. Millwork Block gives the collection a distinct look of premium oak strips, and they are assembled into planks, glazed with stain, and enhanced by a subtle undulating surface treatment in eighteen different planks.
Armstrong has a great laminate solution that gives customers the realism and performance that is required for commercial spaces.

Click here to see our Armstrong laminate flooring.

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