Laminate Flooring That Deserves to Be Hung on Your Walls


Laminate flooring has been a great choice for many homes over the last few years, but now laminate flooring can also be used on the walls. More and more homes and businesses are using laminate flooring as accent walls. Laminate on the wall creates a dramatic and attention-getting wall decor that personalizes any space.


Many people are using the more rustic looking laminate floors for accent walls. Armstrong has some great laminate options in their Architectural Remnants collection. Mannington also has some beautiful laminate options in their Restoration collection.

Click here to see Armstrong’s Architectural Remnants collection.

Click here to see our collection of laminate for walls.

Click here to see Mannington’s Restoration collection.

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Hot Flooring Trends: Mixed Wood Species and Reclaimed Wood

mixed wood speciesMixed wood species and reclaimed wood looks are the hottest trends in flooring right now. Unfortunately, you cannot use real hardwood flooring to create the mixed wood species look because the mixed species of wood expand in different ways. The mixed wood flooring would crack and fall apart with changes in the weather, so buying real wood to create this look would be a waste. For the reclaimed look, you could use actual reclaimed wood from a barn but the wood might be too weathered to use and last a long time or it might have installation difficulties.
I would suggest laminate flooring to create these two beautiful looks in your home. Laminate flooring is able to have the look and feel of real wood but it doesn’t have the high price. Laminate flooring is the perfect choice when you want to create a mixed wood flooring in your home. You can have the look of mixed wood species without the hassle of trying to mix the species together or post-installation issues. Woodland Reclaim from Armstrong’s Architectural Remnants collection creates a beautiful mixed wood species look.
Reclaimed wood is also a trending look right now for homes. Reclaimed wood looks are inspired by old barn wood or even old driftwood. Laminate flooring allows you to have these beautiful flooring looks in your own home without actually having to install old wood planks as flooring. The technology that we use today allows laminate flooring to look and feel almost as realistic as a real piece of wood flooring. Skip Planed/Skip Sand from Armstrong’s Architectural Remnants and the entire Coastal Living Premium collection from Armstrong have gorgeous reclaimed wood patterns.

If the mixed wood look and reclaimed wood look are not for you, then we have many other beautiful laminate flooring that would look beautiful in your home.

Click here to see our collection of Armstrong laminate.

Click here to see Woodland Reclaim.

Click here to see Skip Planed/Skip Sand from Armstrong’s Architectural Remnants.

Click here to see the Coastal Living Premium Collection.

Click here to see our laminate flooring section. coastal reclaimedreclaimed wood



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