Creating The Perfect Mudroom

mudroomA mudroom may be a small room in a house but it is a perfect place to have fun with decorating. Even small rooms can help add some flair to your home. The first thing you need to get for your mudroom is the right flooring. Ceramic tile and resilient vinyl flooring are great options for mudrooms because they are moisture-tolerant flooring options. Make sure to choose a forgiving color because this is the most active room in the home, and you will be dealing with mud being brought into the house on rainy days. Make sure that the flooring has texture too so you will avoid slips and falls. Having a rug that is easy to clean and stain-resistant is also another great idea for a mudroom. mudroom 3
After you pick the flooring, then you can have fun decorating the rest of the room. Try to pick a paint color that will hide hand prints if your kids decide to put mud on the walls or if your pet shakes muddy water everywhere. If you don’t want a darker color then try to pick a paint that is easy to clean. Find some unique accessories to put in the room to hold umbrellas, coats, and even dirty shoes.

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We would love to know what flooring you used in your mudroom and how you decorated.

mudroom 2

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