Mohawk Ranks First in Southeastern Corporate Sustainability Rankings

For the fourth consecutive year, Mohawk Industries has been honored as the most sustainable flooring manufacturer in the Southeastern Corporate Sustainability Rankings’ annual assessment of the sustainable practices of the region’s largest businesses.
Mohawk employs a three-factor strategic approach to sustainability, focusing on the company’s processes, products, and people. Each year the company processes billions of pounds of recycled material into higher value streams. Six of the company’s 10 U.S. ceramic tile manufacturing facilities recover and reuse all of their process waste water. Twenty-four of the company’s carpet manufacturing plants have achieved an internal “Zero Waste” status. Across all flooring categories, hundreds of the company’s residential and commercial products contain recycled material. Mohawk also keeps making progress toward an aggressive 25 percent intensity reduction in energy consumption, greenhouse gases, water use, and landfill waste by the year of 2020.
The Southeaster Corporate Sustainability Rankings evaluate companies on a variety of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors that align with Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI) G4 Guidelines.
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