For the last few years, gluedown luxury vinyl tile and rigid core luxury vinyl tile, such as WPC and SPC, and sheet vinyl have been the go-to flooring options for multifamily solutions. Property managers, builders, and apartments have picked these products because of the durability, quick installation, and ease of maintenance.

Sheet vinyl is the industry’s popular choice for multifamily installations. This classic floor option offers ease of maintenance, performance, and stylish designs at an affordable price. Many customers select sheet vinyl because they want the look and feel of wood, tile, or stone but with the advantages of a resilient floor. The deeper embossing feature of the flooring adds realism to the look.

Many builders, property managers, and apartments pick sheet vinyl flooring because it has a long life, requires less replacement, and requires less maintenance. In addition, sheet vinyl flooring offers full floor coverage, easy installation, and comfort underfoot.

Multifamily Friendly

Sheet vinyl is a great option for homes with kids or pets. Comfort and low maintenance are also key selling points for sheet vinyl flooring. Many people use this type of flooring in areas prone to moisture exposure because the product is waterproof. However, now the trends are changing and people are using sheet vinyl in any room of the house.  

Design Possibilities

The design possibilities of sheet vinyl flooring are endless. You can find a wood herringbone look all the way to an expensive marble look. With this resilient flooring you can have these gorgeous patterns without the headache of installing the real products.

Vintage Patterns

sheet vinyl resilient flooring

Rectangular Stone Tile

sheet vinyl resilient flooring

Hexagonal Tile

sheet vinyl resilient flooring

Modern Slate

sheet vinyl resilient flooring

Reclaimed Drift Wood

sheet vinyl resilient flooring
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