Shaw Takes LVT Flooring to the next Level with Floorté


Shaw’s new line, Floorté, is a newly engineered Enhanced Vinyl Plank (EVP) that repels moisture with zero need for acclimation. Luxury vinyl tile is growing in popularity, but the temperature changes and moisture have always been an issue, so Shaw has created this new line of LVT. Floorté is a different composition of resins that incorporates a new locking system, which makes the floor completely waterproof. In addition, an underlayment is not needed with the Floorté flooring. Shaw’s Lifeguard Core helps keep the water from going through the flooring, but the walls of the house and the sub-floor are not included in the waterproof guarantee. Shaw’s hard surface team tested the Floorté luxury vinyl tile flooring by submerging it in a tank of water for ten days. The flooring was easy dried by wiping it off with a cloth, and then it was ready for installation.
Another issue that this flooring addresses is acclimation. Floor acclimation can be a big issue sometimes depending on what flooring you want to install. Sometimes you install a beautiful floor in your home, but one year it could be extremely cold and the floor can shrink and become ruined. However, with Floorté, you are able to have a floor that can go from 55 degrees to 85 degrees without growing or shrinking due to changes in temperature. The different resins in the luxury vinyl tile are what allow it to hold its shape in different temperatures. An installer can take this product out of their vehicle and directly install it without any acclimation.
Floorté comes in two different collections, Classico and Premio. Classico comes with a 12 mil wear-layer, and it is available in 14 different colors. Premio has a 20 mil wear-layer, and it is available in 13 different colors. These two collections feature exotic olive colors, traditional exotic colors, grays with muted dark tones, and even a pattern that looks like a 200 year old Italian door with watermarks and aging. Floorté is a rigid LVT product that feels more like read wood flooring.

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