River rocks are smooth and round because of the natural erosion, which occurs because of the water rushing past the rocks. These beautiful stones can do more than just sit in a river and have fish swim by them. You can take these rocks and create a gorgeous flooring in your bathroom, your kitchen, or even on your walls. An easy way to use small river rocks is to mount them on flexible webbed sheets, which will make it easier to install the rocks as tiles that have even grout lines. If you prefer larger stones, then you can individually install and grout the stones. The river rocks use the same installation materials as manufactured tile. The adhesive is a thin-set mortar, and tile grout or mortar is used in the grout joints. If you seal the stones before grouping the clean up process is easier. A proper underlay for this type of flooring is concrete backer board, but if you only use river rock flooring in small areas then you don’t need it.
You can use river rocks as an accent in the bathroom. The river rock can be formed into a small rug in front of the shower or bathroom sink, which will blend in well with the other flooring in the bathroom. If you use river rock tiles as your shower flooring, then try to pick stones that are really smooth so cleaning is easier. Also, try to buy stones with a shine to them so they stand out better in the shower.
If you are tiling the entire floor, you will make the room cooler so you might want to buy a few thick scatter rugs. The scatter rugs will add some warmth and cushion to the room. Large rooms can use small or large river rocks well as the flooring, but small bathrooms look better with smaller rocks. River rocks come in all shapes, sizes, and colors so be creative! You can mix any of the rocks together or you could cover the floor with one type of rock and use another one as an accent. If you tile the bathroom floor and shower then use a larger stone for the bathroom and a smaller stone for the shower.

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