Quick-Step’s New Dominion Nickel Oak Featured in Floor Covering Weekly’s Sample Box


Quick-Step’s new Dominion Collection Nickel Oak was recently included in Floor Covering Weekly’s select group of the “latest and greatest new products that will help retailers succeed in 2015, and this product was sent to over 2,000 flooring dealers nationwide.
The new Nickel Oak from Quick-Step along with other products were part of Floor Covering Weekly’s Sample Box 2015. The new Quick-Step product was introduced at Surfaces, and it was the only laminate product included in the sample box. This product and the others were chosen to help dealers differentiate their business, and the Quick-Step laminate product is definitely a great addition to any store.
Quick-Step is a fashion-based product line, which keeps up with the latest styles and trends. The new Nickel Oak laminate has a grey tone to it, and it fuses the beauty of ceramic tile and wood. Also, this laminate flooring will add a touch of contemporary style and artistry to any room.

Click here to see our Quick-Step Dominion collection.

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