Quick-Step has created the new Style My Floor app, which will be a great shopping tool to help sell more of the Quick-Step products. The Style My Floor app is a free digital application, which is used on iphones, ipads, and android devices. This app allows consumers to realistically see on their hand-held device, in real time, what a certain Quick-Step floor would look like in any room of their home. The app uses augmented reality technology, which allows the app to display a virtual Quick-step floor over the room’s existing floor when viewed on the device’s screen. The augmented reality technology allows the consumer to accurately view what their room will look like with the new Quick-Step floor, which is wonderful to see before your make a purchase.

Here are the compatible devices for the Style My Floor app: Apple (iPhone 5, 5S, 5c / iPad Air / iPad 3) and Android  (4.0 or above for optimal experience).

Click here to see our Quick-Step flooring.


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