Painting Your Flooring and Walls the Same

30 floors designs (10) We have already talked about painting your flooring any color or design, but there is still another innovative design idea that features painting your flooring. Some people paint beautiful designs on their walls, and the floor can showcase the designs as well. Continuing the design on the flooring creates a wonderful and unique visual. Using this interior design idea will make a room in your home a great conversation starter, and it allows your creativity to shine.

This design option is bold compared to many other ways to decorate a home. However, you can create gorgeous abstract, art deco, or even landscape designs in a room if you paint the walls and floors.

Hard wood is the top flooring choice when painting is involved, and it will always show the color well. However, you can also paint over laminate and tile flooring as well.

Be bold, buy some paint, grab a paint brush, and create something amazing in your home.

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