New Additions to Karndean’s Van Gogh Collection

manufacture_59Recently, Karndean added twelve new wood plank looks to the Van Gogh collection. The new styles replicate the visuals that occur through burning, liming, and smoking.

Tawny Oak, Burgundy Oak, Hessian Oak, and Honey Oak are the floor lightly lime washed oak look designs. These four designs are reminiscent of salvaged antique flooring, which work well for traditional and contemporary designs.

Reclaimed Redwood, Aged Redwood, and Salvaged Redwood are designs that were inspired by the American Redwood railroad ties. The Burnished Beech and Smoked Beech designs create a rich and warming foundation for any decor style.

The Lime Washed Cypress and Burnished Cypress are two of the most unique plank designs in the collection. These two styles combine liming and smoking techniques, which results in a more refined and sophisticated aesthetic that is perfect for any room in the house.

Click here to see the Van Gogh collection from Karndean.

Click here to see more flooring from Karndean.

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