daltile mosaic 5Mosaic tile is popular for bathrooms and kitchens. You can create beautiful geometric patterns with this tile, but you can also bring to life more than just patterns. Mosaic tile flooring can be its own piece of art whether it is in your shower, bathroom, or kitchen. People will be awed and amazed by the beautiful images that can be made by mosaic tile. If you do not want to create images with mosaic tile by yourself, then you can hire someone to install this for you.

daltile mosaic 4
However, if you want to do this project on your own, then go for it because mosaic tile is great for DIY projects. The easiest way to approach this type of project is to follow these steps. Create your design on paper or in your mind, and then start dry-fitting the tile on the floor. Make sure your design is centered, and then mark the design. After that is done, start using the thinset to properly install your flooring. Mosaic tile adds a classic and elegant touch to any bathroom or kitchen. Be creative and add new art to your home.

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daltile mosaic

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