Mohawk SolidTech LVT for Basements

Style and Durability for the Basement

Basements are one of the most troublesome rooms in a home to try to find the right flooring option. The flooring in a basement has to deal with general wear and tear, but it also has to withstand the moisture-prone conditions in these underground parts of the house. Many people choose luxury vinyl tiles or luxury vinyl planks for basements. Luxury vinyl flooring adds comfort and warmth underfoot, while also providing durability and realistic visuals.

Mohawk’s SolidTech LVT is a great option for basements. This luxury vinyl flooring from Mohawk is 100% water-proof, which means that you will not have to worry about water messing up the flooring. The connection between each plank traps water and other liquids on the surface so you can just wipe them away instead of them seeping into the flooring.

The SolidTech LVT features a rigid core, which provides enhanced durability and resistance to denting. The rigid core also prevents imperfections from the subfloor from showing through to the flooring surface. In addition, this product is scuff and scratch resistant, so it is a great choice for homes with kids and pets.

Mohawk’s SolidTech LVT has high resolution designs and realistic textures so you can create any kind of style in the basement. Also, you can use this rigid core luxury vinyl tile in any room of the house because it is temperature resistant as well. Bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms are also some great rooms where this product can be used.

Be sure to check out the SolidTech LVT collection from Mohawk.

Also, if you would like to learn more about this product, you can check out our blog, “SolidTech Luxury Vinyl Tile from Mohawk Flooring.”

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