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Mannington Commercial  has many great products to choose from, especially their luxury vinyl tile and sheet vinyl flooring featuring Quantum Guard. Quantum Guard is a performance technology from Mannington that provides durability in demanding commercial environments. The Quantum Guard performance technology keeps the product looking better longer, and this technology has a lighter environmental impact and a lower total cost. The Quantum Guard technology has two categories: Quantum Guard Elite and Quantum Guard HP.

Mannington Quantum Guard Room Scene
Mannington Commercial Quantum Guard room scene

Quantum Guard Elite

This patent-pending technology provides protection against scratches and stains, reduced maintenance costs, and easy to clean. Quantum Guard Elite for luxury vinyl tile products provides dimensional stability, impact resistance, stain resistance, easy no-polish maintenance, and scratch resistance. This performance technology also has a urethane with aluminum oxide surface wear layer, which provides a limited wear warranty for the products. The commercial luxury vinyl tile products with this technology also cut cleanly, which makes for a better quality of installation.

Quantum Guard Elite lvt layers

Quantum Guard Elite for sheet vinyl flooring from Mannington is engineered for ease of cleaning and maintenance. The sheet vinyl floors are abrasive resistance, stain resistance, and slip resistance. The advanced urethane chemistry and an optimized texture make sheet vinyl flooring with Quantum Guard Elite easy to clean.

Here are some videos showcasing the durability and cleanability of Quantum Guard Elite products:

Impact Test:


Scratch Test:


Cleaning Test:


Quantum Guard HP

Quantum Guard HP is a commercial urethane finish performance technology with ten years of proven performance in the field. This finish does not require any polish, which makes maintenance easier and more affordable. Quantum Guard HP enhances durability, appearance, and slip resistance. Also, Quantum Guard HP has a urethane with aluminum oxide surface wear layer, which includes a limited wear warranty for the products with this technology. This technology is a level 9 on the MOHS Hardness Scale, which is just right under natural diamond, a level 10 on the MOHS Hardness Scale.

Mannington Commercial Quantum Guard room scene
Mannington Commercial Quantum Guard LVT Room Scene
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