cat_banner_73Laminate flooring experienced modest growth and a continued focus on high-end quality and styles in 2015. Even though there was a formaldehyde scandal earlier in the year, the product category was able to rebound. In response to the scandal, many companies focused on laminate’s safe, green inherent qualities. Also, since there were some issues during the time of the scandal with imported laminate from China, many manufacturers started focusing on laminate made in America and the benefits of buying domestically made products.
Even though cheap imports were under fire for poor quality, new trends in the laminate industry helped make the category popular again. Laminate has been growing in popularity over the three few years because of the great opportunity in new home construction. Since wood prices kept increasing through the years, laminate became the best alternative. Laminate flooring has realistic wood visuals and high quality performance without the high cost of hardwood. Also, laminate is scratch resistant and manufacturers are starting to make laminate more moisture resistant. Laminate flooring also has long-lasting durability.


Laminate as a product category has continued to increase in popularity because manufacturers are focusing more on creating upper end products. Laminate has created very realistic wood visuals but now manufacturers are focusing on laminate’s ability to translate wood species and tile, which is impossible to do with hardwood. The newest trends in laminate flooring include light colors, greys, and whitewash.

Laminate flooring may have hit a few bumps in 2015, but it continues to be one of the most popular flooring options. Laminate flooring offers beautiful designs, high quality, and durability at affordable prices. This flooring category is expanding in terms of quality and design, and it will continue to be more popular for years to come.

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