Innovation Reinvented with Dream Weaver Carpets

Innovative, Stylish, Dream Weaver Carpets

Dream Weaver is constantly thinking of new ways to make carpet better for the home and the environment. The company continues to pursue new innovative technology to make comfortable and durable carpets for families. They have many carpet options in terms of fibers, colors, and warranties. The PureColor (solution dyed fiber system) is throughout all of their products. PureColor comes in nylon, polyester, soft nylon, and soft polyester. Here is a list of warranties with these fiber options:

All Dream Weaver Carpets have warranties against staining, fading, soiling, abrasion, manufacturer defects, and loss of texture retention. Some of the carpets feature a lifetime pet stain resistance warranty. The company knows that there are many homes with pets so they wanted to create a carpet that is safe for pets and will stay looking great in the home even if the pet has a little spill or accident. The extra stain protection comes from the PureColor fiber technology.

Environmentally Friendly Dream Weaver Carpets

Dream Weaver strives to make carpet in the most efficient ways available in the industry today. The company’s manufacturing technologies and processes allows the company to make quality carpet with minimal impact on the environment. The company uses 30% less energy, 87% less water in the manufacturing process, and 42% less greenhouse gas emissions in the last study they did on their environmental impact.

Homeowners can breathe easy knowing that a durable, beautiful, and environmentally friendly carpet is in their home.

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