Flexibility and Stability with Dream Weaver PureBac

Easy Installation with PureBac

Dream Weaver Carpet and Engineered Floors recently released their new backing system called PureBac on certain products. The PureBac backing system is only on select styles with the PureColor Fiber system from Dream Weaver. The new backing system offers flexibility and dimensional stability. Also, it has a 10 year anti-delamination warranty. In addition, this backing system has no latex, which makes installation easier because the product is lighter, more flexible, and softer.

The PureBac backing system will not wrinkle, scratch baseboards, or scratch walls. The carpet will not need to acclimate and it will be easy to cut. Installers do not require specials tools or tape for installing these carpets. In addition, these carpets have Ultra-Fresh Protection, which protects the carpet from odors and staining caused by bacteria, fungi, mold, and mildew. Production uses 25% less energy during the manufacturing process. Also, this backing system is breathable, antimicrobial, and helps reduce noise in the home.

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