ColorBurst Technology from Dream Weaver

No Stain, No Fade with ColorBurst

ColorBurst is the next evolution in variable-color technology from Dream Weaver. The company continues to exceed expectations and strive for new innovation. This new technology uses natural color variations to create a blended and balanced look. The color variations add a depth and richness to the carpets from Dream Weaver. The colors are in each strand of the company’s PureColor fiber. The PureColor fiber is what makes the carpets stain resistant and fade resistant.

ColorBurst technology brings more color to the carpets from Dream Weaver. Many carpets feature three yarn color combinations, but with this technology there are double the number of yarn color combinations. The extra yarn color combinations help give a natural, blended look. The vibrant colors show off the texture, construction, and feel of the carpet.

Overall, this technology helps bring more colors to the carpet styles. All of the products with this technology are solution-dyed polyester, and the fiber is Dream Weaver’s PureColor fiber. Also, the carpets with this technology will not stain or fade.

Check out the collection of Dream Weaver PureColor carpet with ColorBurst technology.

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