5 Flooring Trends We Love!

#1 –Smart Squares from Engineered Floors

Smart Squares is the new residential carpet tile from Engineered Floors. We love this product because it is a peel n’ stick carpet tile! Engineered Floors took the company’s most popular broadloom carpets and made them into easy to install carpet tiles! These carpet tiles are comfortable underfoot because they have a Kanga Hide cushion backing attached to each carpet square.

#2 –SPC Luxury Vinyl Tile

Carpet Express is America’s source for Water-Proof wood look floors. These products are DIY-friendly and are tough enough for any room in your home. Shop the latest styles and colors, and create a beautiful interior that will also withstand water, stains, and wear and tear like a champ!

Our Pecan Sheel SPC offers a stunning reclaimed look with realistic plank to plank color variation.

#3 –Sheet Vinyl Flooring – Bringing Back The Classics

Sheet Vinyl Room
Did you know Carpet Express is one America’s Top distributors of promotional Vinyl?

We hear a lot about water-proof wood look flooring. From COREtec to our Waterproof Plank Collections, no one can deny the strides Luxury Vinyl Flooring has made in the past decade. BUT. Don’t. Forget. About. Sheet Vinyl Flooring. Sheet Vinyl is the OG water proof flooring, and manufacturers have improved this classic flooring product with stylish Hi-def visuals and textures. Sheet Vinyl is a tried and true product, and is still one of the most affordable way to level-up your home.

#4 –Shaw Floorte

Shaw Floorte flooring uses high-def patterns to recreate an authentic hardwood or tile look. Its locking system is precision-engineered for an easy and durable installation. Floorte luxury vinyl tile and planks combine the best features of vinyl and laminate. Its solid core creates dimensional stability and helps hide imperfections in the sub-floors like a laminate, but its vinyl based construction makes it completely waterproof!

Shaw Floorte Room Scene


As one of the best known brand names in the world, STAINMASTER has a lot to live up to, and these products do not disappoint. There is a reason this fiber is the standard in premium residential carpet. This high performance nylon has also become one of the softest and most color-rich fibers on the market. STAINMASTER has also created the following brands to tailor to each home’s unique needs.

Stainmaster Active Family is durable enough to withstand your family’s active lifestyle. The carpets with this fiber resist food and beverage stains.
Stainmaster TruSoft carpet is made with specially engineered fibers that give the carpet a luxuriously soft feel without sacrificing durability.
Stainmaster Pet Protect resists pet stains, reduces pet odors, and releases pet hair from the carpet!
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Four Ways to Save a Ton of Money when Shopping for Flooring

We all try to save a buck here or there.

But when it comes to flooring- it seems like most everywhere you go, there are hidden fees and mark-ups galore that keep stretching your budget.

Well, as always, we’re here to help. Here are four awesome ways that you can save money when shopping online or in-store for flooring!

Check out the ‘Little Guys’

You may be surprised at just how marked up the big guys are. Here’s the thing- buying flooring is no different than buying groceries from the supermarket. The way I see it, you have two choices:

You could go to a more conveniently located ‘Big Guy’, maybe get a small discount and have to begrudgingly choose from an overwhelming amount of inventory without even seeing a store associate until you get to the register.


Go to a smaller grocer where you’ll find incredible promotions and sales and wonderful, friendly staff that just want to make sure you have a great experience *Plus- Freshly baked bagels!*.

Chances are, when you realize you’re out of sugar just as you’ve cracked the last egg for that birthday cake you’re making- you head straight for the Big Guys while still in your pajamas because they’re open at 11:52pm on a Sunday. But when you are planning out your weekly shopping list, you probably compare prices and sale fliers from several smaller grocers to make sure you get the best price.

When you buy flooring from the ‘little guys’ like Carpet Express– you get the little guy experience. Amazing customer service, willingness to help, personalized sales, and incredible, unbeatable prices.

Give them a call!

What happens when you take a break from  clicking through those thumbnails of carpet and call that phone number at the top of the screen?

You get to talk to some pretty awesome people. You’ll also probably save a pretty penny. Speaking with someone will give you some great insight into the world of flooring.

There’s a lot of flooring options out there. Let them help you navigate through the dismal caverns of shag, out of the cracked, stained, and unstuck peel-and-sticks, and into the light- gleaming hallways of oak and maple.

By talking to someone, you’ll also have a much better idea of what your specific project will cost you, and they may even have some incredible deals that no other retailer can touch. You just have to ask!


 Do It Yourself

DIY! DIY! There’s a reason why the DIY movement has gained such momentum over the past few years. The average homeowner is loving learning how to install fixtures, paint, and do whole house remodels. Yes it is a lot of hard work, but the pay off is worth it. Luckily, there are tons of resources out there and just know that you’re not alone in your endeavors. One website estimated that carpet installation and materials would be approximately 37% higher if you chose to have it installed rather than doing it yourself.* Let me reiterate. You may pay thirty seven percent more money to have someone else do it for you. And just as a head’s up, that ‘Free Installation’ that the big guys offered.. it’s not free. Not by a long shot. You’re paying for it whether you know it or not through mark-ups or special fees tacked on.

DIY not for you? It’s ok. Check out Home Advisor, Yelp and other websites that are dedicated to giving you non-biased reviews on handymen and companies in your area. You’ll find the help you need and you’re also helping to support local business- yay you!

Look for retailer brands

Let’s go back to that Supermarket comparison. When you go to the store, you may purchase the so-called “generic brands” to save a few cents here or there. But those cents add up and pretty soon, you’re living the store-brand life, and swimming in those extra coins, Scrooge McDuck Style.


*Carpet Express does not condone diving head first into a cartoon pile of gold coins*

Take for example, The Showcase Collection available exclusively from Carpet Express. Same green certifications as the other brands, same amazing quality fibers, same color schemes. For some inspiration, check out some of the images below..


Let us know if these tips helped you in your quest for the perfect floor for less!


Click here to check out the Carpet Express Showcase Collection!

Whenever you’re ready, give us a call. We’re here to help. We are Carpet Express.

*Estimated DIY costs- http://www.diyornot.com/Project.aspx?ndx2=8&Rcd=22
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Spring Decorating with Showcase Collection Carpets

Spring is a time full of life and bright colors, so why not brighten up your home with some new carpet or area rugs? The Carpet Express Showcase Collections features many beautiful residential carpets that would work well as wall-to-wall carpet or area rugs. The Showcase Collection features carpets from brands such as Shaw, Mohawk, Beaulieu, Dreamweaver, and more. In addition, Carpet Express can create custom runners and area rugs from any of the residential carpets.

Check out the Showcase Collection carpet.

Here are some images for Spring design inspiration:







































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Basket-Weave Flooring

basket weave

Vinyl composition tile can be used to make many designs and patterns, but a really fun design to make is the basket-weave design. This design can feature as many colors as you want to use.

Mannington has some great options of vinyl composition tile flooring. Many of their collections has a large variety of colors to choose from, which is perfect if you want to create a basket-weave design.

Click here to see our collection of Mannington vinyl composition tile.

Click here to see more products from Mannington tile.

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Frieze Rugs for Summer

Summer is a great time to bring new colorful additions to any home, and area rugs are a great option for adding color to a room. Also, area rugs can be easily switched out throughout the year.

Frieze carpet is a fun choice for custom area rugs. The carpet can be cut and bound into different sizes, and frieze carpet is comfortable and shows off colors well. Carpet Express has a lot of frieze carpets to choose from in many different colors.

Click here to see our collection of frieze carpet.

Here are just a few color options:

1 2 34

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Carpet Care


Here are a few tips on how to care for carpet:

  1. Always have clean walk-off mats at all entrances to capture outside soil before it is brought inside.
  2. Use a quality carpet pad of the correct thickness
  3. Use a professional carpet installer for best results
  4. Vacuum regularly
  5. Have your carpet professionally cleaned using deep cleaning extraction every 12 to 18 months
  6. Clean up spills and accidents immediately by blotting the spill with a damp, absorbent towel.

These are just a few tips on how to keep your carpet clean. We also have an article that details how to spot clean solution dyed carpet.

Click here to learn more about how to clean carpet.

Click here to see our selection of residential carpet.


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Laminate Flooring That Deserves to Be Hung on Your Walls


Laminate flooring has been a great choice for many homes over the last few years, but now laminate flooring can also be used on the walls. More and more homes and businesses are using laminate flooring as accent walls. Laminate on the wall creates a dramatic and attention-getting wall decor that personalizes any space.


Many people are using the more rustic looking laminate floors for accent walls. Armstrong has some great laminate options in their Architectural Remnants collection. Mannington also has some beautiful laminate options in their Restoration collection.

Click here to see Armstrong’s Architectural Remnants collection.

Click here to see our collection of laminate for walls.

Click here to see Mannington’s Restoration collection.

7 8


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Colors of the Year 2016: Rose Quartz and Serenity

color of the year 2016Rose Quartz and Serenity are Pantone’s colors for 2016. Rose quartz and serenity create a balance between comforting and soothing colors, which gives the feeling of a sense of order and peace. Rose quartz conveys compassion and a sense of composure. Serenity conveys feelings of respite and relaxation.
These two colors work well in soft or hard surface material, and they can be paired with other mid-tones such as greens, purples, rich browns, and all shades of yellow and pink.

Rose quartz and serenity are great colors for carpet, tile, and area rugs. Using the colors for furniture, artwork, and other design elements of the home means that the colors will work great with different hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, sheet vinyl, and luxury vinyl tile and plank.

Click here to see our selection of carpet.
Click here to see our selection of hardwood.
Click here to see our selection of laminate.
Click here to see our selection of sheet vinyl.
Click here to see our selection of luxury vinyl tile and plank.

rose serenity

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Design with the color Cider this Fall and Winter!

A great color to design with this fall and winter is cider. Many people are using this gorgeous amber hue to make their homes ready for fall and winter. Cider is a color that can be used in many way in the homes such as hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, sheet vinyl, luxury vinyl plank, carpet, area rugs, furniture, throw pillows, and even trinkets.

Here are just a few ways that you can use cider to design your home:
2 3
This color goes well with many other colors, so be creative!

Click here to see our collection of hardwood flooring.
Click here to see our collection of laminate flooring.
Click here to see our collection of carpet.
Click here to see our collection of luxury vinyl plank.
Click here to see our collection of vinyl flooring.

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6 Ways to Keep Your Floors Clean in Winter

Winter is a beautiful time of the year but it is also a very snowy, muddy, and rainy time of the year. Also, there are many family gatherings for the holidays and unfortunately there may be some spills and muddy foot prints. Here are some great tips to help you keep the floors in your home clean this winter:

Place mats at every entrance of the house.



Take off muddy/wet/snowy shoes and leave them at the entrance to the home or in a mud room. If mud does get on the carpet, then let the mud dry and shatter it, and then vacuum.



Sweep every day!



Vacuum every few days. When vacuuming vinyl, do not use a “beater bar” attachment; this can damage the flooring surface.

Clean up spills immediately!

Mop your floors every few days to clean up any dirt that the vacuum did not get.


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