Traditional Interior Design Pinterest Board

2  Pinterest boards are created for different occasions, holidays, fashion trends, and even rooms of a home. They are great ways to get inspiration or ideas about how to decorate your own home. We have created many Pinterest boards of our own, which have great ideas for each type of interior design style.
One of our boards has a lot of great ideas on how to create a Traditional style in many different rooms of a house. You can use many different types of flooring and color schemes to help create a Traditional design. Hardwood flooring, luxury vinyl tile, carpet, and ceramic tile are the most popular choice for a Traditional design, but you can use whatever flooring works best with your room design.

Click here to see our Traditional interior design Pinterest board.
Here are a few images of traditional styled rooms:



Click here to see our selection of hardwood flooring.
Click here to see our luxury vinyl tile flooring.
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We would love to hear about how you would create a traditional design in your home, and if you already have a traditional design, we would love to see pictures.

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New Carpet from Tuftex

Tuftex has many beautiful and creative carpets, and recently they have added some new styles. Some of the new styles are vibrant colors that will make a statement in whatever room they are used in in the home. The other new carpets have great patterns and designs that will create a wonderful atmosphere for your home.

Here are the new styles that Tuftex has added:

Tumbling DiceZ6952-00123-room
Surf’s Up
Subtle Touch
Serendipity I
Serendipity II
Pop Culture
Point Pleasant
Pleasant Garden II

We have all of these available on our website. If you are interested or would like a sample of any of these carpets, please call us at 1-800-922-5582.

Click here to see the rest of our collection of Tuftex carpets.

blog 1Z6814-00779-room











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Design with Champagne Beige in December

cb tuftex


Many people use rich reds or deep greens to decorate during December for the holiday season, but champagne beige is a gorgeous color to use during the holidays. Champagne beige is also one of the popular colors for 2015, which Pantone declared earlier this month. Champagne beige is going to be used in everything from wallpaper and carpeting to table lamps and throw pillows.

Champagne beige is a great color to use for flooring. Many carpets are made in this color, and this color will go with anything. It is a nice neutral base that gives your home a sense of elegance. If you don’t want to use champagne beige colored carpet, then you could always just buy a champagne beige area rug. If you can’t find an area you like, then you can always have an area rug made from a carpet.

Here are three champagne colored carpets that you could use in your home or use as an area rug:
Oh Happy Day
Just You ‘n’ Me
Casual Magic
If you want to use the color throughout the house instead of on the floor, then you can use it as the color of the bed comforter, lamp shades, throw pillows, or even curtains. Champagne beige can be used in many different ways throughout the house, so have fun decorating with this color this holiday season.

Click here to see our collection of carpet.
cb 1

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Tuftex Receives 2014 Cool Planet Award

tuftexOn November 4,2014, Shaw’s Tuftex Division won the 2014 Cool Planet Award, which recognizes Southern California Edison (SCE) business customers for demonstrating exemplary leadership in energy and carbon management. The SCE and Climate Registry’s Cool Planet Award honors Shaw’s commitment to implementing energy efficiency projects, participating in demand response programs, and establishing environmental and greenhouse gas emissions management systems.
Cool Planet Award nominees are evaluated by a point-based system, which focuses on participation in a variety of integrated demand side management strategies as well as carbon management strategies.
Shaw Industries says it is committed to reducing its energy intensity and carbon emissions by 40 percent by 2030. The company also plans to reduce total waste to landfills by 100 percent, and they plan to reduce water intensity by 50 percent by 2030. The Tuftex Division has achieved over 750,000 kWh (kilowatt hour) of energy savings with SCE energy management programs such as Express Solutions and Continuous Energy Improvement Program. Jim Cusick, Tuftex’s director of manufacturing, says that the company looks forward to furthering the company’s commitment to efficiency and conservation.

Click here to see our collection of Tuftex carpet.

tuftex 2

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High-End Carpet

At Carpet Express, we take our motto seriously. “America’s Floor Store” is more than just a catchy tag line. It is our commitment to be America’s one-stop-shop for everything flooring. We’ve made a name for ourselves for having the best prices on carpet, vinyl, and hardwood flooring, but don’t forget we also carry America’s most sought after brands of high-end carpet at very low prices. These luxury brands include: Tuftex, Kane, Wundaweve, Stanton, Royal Dutch, Nourtex, and Dixie Home, to name a few. Whether you’re carpeting a starter home or a luxurious penthouse, look no further than Carpet Express.

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