Best Value on High-End Animal Prints

Milliken Carpet creates many beautiful high-end carpets at affordable prices, but their animal print carpets really stand out. Exotic Journey and Exotic Touch are the two animal print carpets from Milliken. They are available in tiger, leopard, cheetah, and zebra patterns.

Both Exotic Journey and Exotic Touch are made of Stainmaster nylon and they have a lifetime anti-static protection warranty.

Exotic Journey

ej 1ej 2ej 3

Exotic Touch

et 1 et 2

et 3

et 4

















Click here to see our other Animal Print carpets.

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Spring Sale 2015!

spring sale!

Spring is the perfect time to start new home improvement projects, such as ripping out that old flooring and putting in something new! Carpet Express is offering store-wide savings on April 13th to April 20th. You can get great deals on many of our products online, over the phone, or in stores! We sell a wide variety of carpet, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, luxury vinyl tile, and more!

Also, on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, we will be serving hot dogs, chips, and drinks during lunch for our customers. Stop by and get a hot dog and check out our great flooring deals!

Both of our store locations will be open on Saturday!!!!

Here are the addresses:

915 Market St.
Dalton, GA 30720

3068 North Dug Gap Road
Dalton, GA 30720

Click here for detailed directions to our two store locations.

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10 Tips for Choosing New Carpet


10 Tips for Choosing New Carpet:

1. Consider the Space:
First, you should consider the space that you will use carpet for the flooring. You need to know if the area is a high or low traffic zone because high traffic areas need certain types of carpet in them. You need a carpet that won’t mat over time or show tracks in them. Trackless carpets are perfect for high traffic areas, such as a living room or dining room. Also, in high traffic areas or rooms where there will be a lot of kids or pets, you should have a carpet that is stain resistant and easy to clean. We have many carpets that will work well in high traffic areas.

2. Color:
Color is a big part of every part of interior design. You need to pick just the right color of carpet for your home, and make sure to pick something that will go with the other design colors you use in the home so you won’t have to change the carpet so often. Choosing the right color of carpet is fun to do after you figure out what kind of color will work best. First you have to decide if you want the carpet to make a bold statement or if you want something more neutral that will blend. This year grey carpet is really in style, and it is considered one of the new neutrals. However, you can pick any color you want, whether that color be black, pink, sage, light blue, or even taupe. It’s all up to you. Also, if you don’t want a solid color carpet then there are many carpets with different flecks of color in them, which help hide dirt better than single-color carpet. Fleck colored carpets also add a nice visual internet without being too bold of a color. We have many great colors of carpets to choose from.

style and texture
3. Style and Texture:
There are many different styles and textures of carpet to choose from, and the best way to figure out what you like best is to go to a store and feel the different carpets. Every different style has their own pros and cons, so you really have to figure out for yourself what feels more comfortable for you. Also, if you find a carpet that you like, we can always send carpet samples so you can see and feel the carpet in person before placing an order.

4. Cleanability:
Nobody ever plans to spill or drop anything onto their carpet, but accidents and messes happen. Having a carpet that is easy to clean and that has a stain and soil resistance is essential for every home. We have many great carpets from the top manufacturers that feature stain and soil protection systems. We also have all of the new SmartStrand Forever Clean carpets from Mohawk, that are very easy to clean.

5. Sustainability:
Make sure that the carpet you buy is CRI Green Label Plus certified, which means that the carpet has very low emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds. Buying a carpet that is Green Label Plus certified means that you are buying a carpet that is safe for your home. You won’t have to worry about harmful fumes leaving the carpet and bothering you or your family. We have many Green Label Plus certified carpets, and you can tell which product is Green Label Plus certified because the products will have an icon on the product page.

carpet pile

6. Pile:
When picking out a carpet, pile height and density are also important to keep in mind. I would recommend getting a sample of the carpet you like, and then gently bend it so you can see if you see any of the carpet backing. If you barely see the carpet backing or if you don’t see it at all, then the carpet will be a great choice for your home.


7. Fibers:
There are many different carpet fibers to choose from. We have some great solution dyed nylon and polyester carpets that will keep the color for years, since the color is all the way through the fibers. SmartStrand carpet is also a great option because most of their carpets feature the SmartStrand Forever Clean fiber that is easy to clean and it doesn’t lose its color. Many of our carpet fibers have web pages dedicated to them that will give you more details about the fibers and how they work.

carpet pad

8. Carpet Pad:
We have many great carpet pads to choose from. Most carpets only need a 7/16 carpet pad, either a 6lb, 8lb, or 10lb. Our most popular pads are the 7/16 8lb carpet pad, and our two moisture barrier pads. The moisture barrier pads help protect the sub-floor, and they also trap the water on top of the barrier so you have more time to clean up the spill before it really tries to soak deep into the carpet.

Click here to see our selection of carpet pad.

9. Warranty:
Always check the warranties on the carpet that you want to buy. We include all of the warranty information on our product pages. Just scroll down the specific carpet product page until you see a warranty tab, click the tab, and there you will find a list of warranties and a link to show you a more detailed warranty description.

budget calculation

10. Budget:
Be sure to budget ahead of time for the carpet, carpet pad, installation, and if you need the installers to move any of the furniture or not. The best part about carpet is that you can get a gorgeous carpet and a great quality pad at a reasonable price. We have many carpets that will fit any budget.

Choosing the right carpet might seem overwhelming at first because there are so many options, but once you figure out exactly what you want and need, it’s not that difficult anymore. If you would like some recommendations, then please call one of our sales reps at 1-800-922-5582. They can help you find the right carpet for your home or business.

Click here to see our great selection of carpet.

blog 2

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Traditional Interior Design Pinterest Board

2  Pinterest boards are created for different occasions, holidays, fashion trends, and even rooms of a home. They are great ways to get inspiration or ideas about how to decorate your own home. We have created many Pinterest boards of our own, which have great ideas for each type of interior design style.
One of our boards has a lot of great ideas on how to create a Traditional style in many different rooms of a house. You can use many different types of flooring and color schemes to help create a Traditional design. Hardwood flooring, luxury vinyl tile, carpet, and ceramic tile are the most popular choice for a Traditional design, but you can use whatever flooring works best with your room design.

Click here to see our Traditional interior design Pinterest board.
Here are a few images of traditional styled rooms:



Click here to see our selection of hardwood flooring.
Click here to see our luxury vinyl tile flooring.
Click here to see our ceramic tile flooring.
Click here to see our selection of carpet.

We would love to hear about how you would create a traditional design in your home, and if you already have a traditional design, we would love to see pictures.

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New Carpet from Tuftex

Tuftex has many beautiful and creative carpets, and recently they have added some new styles. Some of the new styles are vibrant colors that will make a statement in whatever room they are used in in the home. The other new carpets have great patterns and designs that will create a wonderful atmosphere for your home.

Here are the new styles that Tuftex has added:

Tumbling DiceZ6952-00123-room
Surf’s Up
Subtle Touch
Serendipity I
Serendipity II
Pop Culture
Point Pleasant
Pleasant Garden II

We have all of these available on our website. If you are interested or would like a sample of any of these carpets, please call us at 1-800-922-5582.

Click here to see the rest of our collection of Tuftex carpets.

blog 1Z6814-00779-room











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Glacier Grey

3Grey is a popular color for 2015, and the best part is that there are many variations of the color grey. One of the variations that is currently showing up in many interior designs and flooring is the color glacier grey. This color is a soft and cool color, which means that it will go well with other more vibrant shades. Glacier grey will contrast well with other brighter colors, and it will also enhance the other colors as well.
Glacier grey is a timeless shade, and it will look beautiful in any home.

Also, this color is very popular in flooring now too. Glacier grey is used as the color for carpets, laminate, hardwood, luxury vinyl tile, and even vinyl. There are many ways to use this color in your home, be creative!



Click here to see our selection of carpet.
Click here to see our selection of laminate flooring.
Click here to see our selection of hardwood flooring.
Click here to see our selection of luxury vinyl tile.
Click here to see our selection of vinyl flooring.

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Color Trends of 2015

Marsala and grey are the main colors for 2015, but there are also a few other colors that are going to be popular this year in interior design.

Last year’s color, English Royal Navy, remains a top color this year even though it was last year’s color. Navy is a classic color, just like grey, because it offers a timeless appeal to any home and design. Navy is also a universal color because it goes with so many other colors, so you can pair it with any furniture or accent pieces in your home.
Indian Ocean Teal is another color that will be popular this year. This color serves as a bridge color between the cool, light water colors that are already prevalent in many homes and the dark tones of classic navy or even black. This rich color will also add a nice look to any home.

Another color that will be used in many interior designs this year is British Racing Green. This color can be a playful, preppy, and youthful addition or accent in your home. The color is Coral, which is going to be a very popular color this year. You can use just a small splash of this color in your home, and it will immediately liven up the place.
You can use all of these colors in your home without having to paint the walls or re-do the entire flooring. Just adding rugs, throw pillows, accent pieces, or wall art will be enough to bring these beautiful colors to life in your home. The best part about all of these colors is that they can be paired with grey or Marsala.




Click here to see our selection of carpet.
Click here to see our selection of area rugs.

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Updates to the Shaw Soft Shades Collection this Spring!

manufacture_30This spring the Shaw Soft Shades Collection is going to be updated with a bold new color line. The new color line will feature more greys and a few accent colors. Grey is one of the colors of the year, and it is a very sophisticated neutral. Gold undertones have always been the style for residential carpets over the years, but now grey undertones are becoming the trend. Grey and beige are being mixed together to create a nice neutral color that will go well with any interior design.
Don’t worry about this going out of style any time soon because grey is a timeless neutral that adds a sense of elegance and sophistication to any home.
The Soft Shades Collection from Shaw is a great choice for anyone who wants a soft, durable, and beautiful carpet in their home. This spring you will be able to get this carpet in many new colors.

Click here to see the Soft Shades collection from Shaw.
soft shades

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As Seen In “42”

42 Logo

Shaw creates beautiful carpet and hardwood flooring. Two of their great products were  featured in the movie “42,” which focuses on the life of Jackie Robinson and his journey to Major League Baseball. Beautiful flooring is essential in movies, but it is great to see such nice products in an inspirational movie.
“42” used Shaw’s Golden Opportunity 2 1/4″ 4s in color Rustic Natural. Golden Opportunity was used in multiple key scenes in the movie, and it was also featured in Robinson’s home. This product is a solid hardwood flooring and it is made from red oak.
Another Shaw product used in the film was Sandy Hollow III 12′ in the color Blue Suede. Sandy Hollow III is made of 100% Anso Nylon, and the face weight is 58.5 oz.  This carpet also has the R2x stain treatment and Softbac Platinum backing.

We have both of these great products on our website. If you enjoyed seeing these floors in the movie, well now you can have these floors in your own home.

Click here to see Golden Opportunity.
Click here to see Sandy Hollow III.

Click here to see our collection of Shaw Hardwood.

Click here to see our collection of Shaw Carpet.

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Shaw Contract Group Opens Atlanta Showroom

shaw contractShaw Contract Group opened a new Atlanta Showroom at 1555 Peachtree Street. The building is located within the design district, and the space occupies 5,500 square feet of premium property. The new showroom is designed to inspire and inform the design professionals that are using the space.
Shaw Contract Group utilized the expertise of the interior design firm Perkins+Will to create the right customer experience for the brand. The showroom serves as a merchandising backdrop for products, a space to host informative presentations, and events for professionals, industry partners, and sales meetings. The building has an open-concept work area, which incorporates technology into the architecture. There are storage walls in the showroom that allow visitors to have a tactile experience with the products. Also, the exterior signage is integrated into the exterior patio that serves as a seating area during events.
The company designed the space based on the experience of awakening the senses. Each feature in the building is sculptural, interconnected, and thought-provoking. The staircase is modeled after a carpet loom and it creates a platform for viewing products. A fiber installation, called Sense of Sight, celebrates the vibrant colors that Shaw Contract Group is known for and it encourages designers to color outside the lines.
Businesses and organizations that impact the Atlanta economy will now have access to this creative space. These companies will have the opportunity to work with architects and designers in Atlanta to continue developing commercial interiors, which will attract employees, students, visitors, and customers.

Click here to see our selection of Shaw Contract Group products.

shaw contract

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