Cabin Grade Wood

cabin grade“Cabin grade”or “tavern grade” wood is an excellent choice when purchasing new hardwood flooring. Cabin grade is basically the same wood as 1st quality, which means it is the same species, it is milled to the same specifications, and it is stained the same color. The only difference is that cabin grade wood was called or rejected from the 1st quality run for a variety of reasons.

The most common reasons are mineral streaks and knot holes, which can give the floor a more rustic look. Many customers prefer this rustic look to the color consistency in many 1st quality styles. There may also be more short boards in a box of cabin grade material. Most wood flooring is purchased in random lengths, and you will find more boards that are 9” to 18” in a box of cabin grade than you would in a typical 1st quality box. Other irregularities found in cabin grade may include missing tongues, over wood, or an uneven finish. In addition, certain manufacturers are known to have cleaner cabin grade wood than others, and they have a 5 year finish warranty on many of their cabin grade flooring.

Installing cabin grade wood is more challenging, and you should purchase 15% to 20% extra material to allow your installer to use only the most uniform boards from each box. Keep in mind that cabin-grade is engineered, and when you see “tavern-grade” it means it  is solid hardwood.

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