Armstrong and Bruce Hardwood Specials!

We offer many great Armstrong and Bruce hardwood flooring, but here are some of our top selling specials! We have three wonderful Armstrong hardwood flooring, which are made of oak, red oak, or hickory. The three different hardwood products have colors that range from light, medium, dark, and even some grey. The products are called Hickory Ridge, Frontier Oak Soft-Scraped, and Monticello Plank. The Hickory Ridge flooring has 5″ wide planks. Frontier Oak Soft-Scraped has 3.25″ wide planks, and Monticello Plank has 3″ wide planks. hickory ridge
The Hickory Ridge hardwood from Armstrong is a distressed engineered hardwood. This flooring was created to capture the beauty and diversity of the American landscape, and then bring that beauty into your home. Hickory Ridge is available in ten gorgeous colors, and any of the colors would look great in your home or business. frontier
Frontier Oak Soft-Scraped is a hand-scraped solid oak collection from Armstrong that has a width of 3.25″. The subtle hand-scraped finish and the double stained grain, make this hardwood a beautiful choice for any home. In addition, it is available in five great colors, and it has an Armstrong Lifetime Finish. Also, this hardwood is made of oak. monticello
The Monticello Plank is a smooth, highly abrasion-resistant engineered hardwood that is made of red oak. This hardwood flooring is available in six nice colors, and they have a satin-smooth finish. The eased edges and ends accent the individuality of each plank, which are 3″ wide. Monticello Plank will look nice in any home or business.
All three of these Armstrong hardwoods are available in great colors and at affordable prices!

We also have two wonderful Bruce hardwood flooring, which are made of oak or hickory. American Home Series is one of the Bruce flooring options, and it is available in 3.25″ wide planks. It is made of oak and it comes in a nice medium wood color. It is a traditional solid hardwood, which has a urethane finish. american home series
The other Bruce hardwood is called Bruce 2.25″ Hickory, which is a solid traditional hardwood that has 2.25″ wide planks. This product has a Dura-Luster Urethane finish, and it is available in three gorgeous colors. bruce 2.25
Both of these Bruce hardwood are available in great colors and at affordable prices!
Armstrong and Bruce hardwood flooring are great for any home or business.

Click here to see Hickory Ridge.
Click here to see Frontier Oak Soft Scraped.
Click here to see Monticello Plank.
Click here to see American Home Series.
Click here to see Bruce 2.25″ Hickory.

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