Stainmaster Active Family from Tuftex Carpet

Stainmaster Active Family is Perfect for any Home

Tuftex Carpet has always had beautiful carpet designs for the home, and now they have some carpets that are perfect for homes with active families. The Stainmaster Active Family carpets from Tuftex are great for homes with active families because they are durable, stain resistant, and high performing.

The Tuftex carpets with Stainmaster Active Family as the fiber are built to last and they are easy to clean. This fiber type resists food and beverage stains, so don’t stress out the next time a spill happens. You do not lose any softness for performance. This carpet type is manufactured to retain its original appearance, so do not worry when you have a lot of guests over. The carpet will look like it originally did even after all of the foot traffic.

Here are some of the Tuftex Stainmaster Active Family carpets that we have a great deal on right now:

Happy Hour

Pleasant Garden II

Point Pleasant

Surf’s Up


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