Eclectic Interior Design Pinterest Board

4Pinterest boards are created for different occasions, holidays, fashion trends, and even rooms of a home. They are great ways to get inspiration or ideas about how to decorate your own home. We have created many Pinterest boards of our own, which have great ideas for each type of interior design style.
One of our boards, the Eclectic Personality, has a lot of great ideas on how to create an eclectic style in many different rooms of a house. You can use many different types of flooring and area rugs to help create a fun eclectic design. Hardwood flooring and area rugs are the most popular choices for eclectic design, but you can use whatever flooring you prefer.

Click here to see our Eclectic interior design Pinterest board.

If you would like a step by step way to create an eclectic style living room, then check out this blog: “Creating an Eclectic Interior Design.”

Here are a few images of eclectic styled rooms:


Click here to see our selection of hardwood.
Click here to see our selection of area rugs.

We would love to hear about how you would create an Eclectic design in your home, and if you already have an Eclectic design, we would love to see pictures.

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