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blog pumpkin 3Fall is full of gorgeous and rich colors, but one of the most popular colors is pumpkin orange. The color pumpkin can be used as more than just real pumpkins in your home or fall leaf decor. Orange is a warm color and it is a great way to add warmth and energy to a room. Adding orange to a room can create feelings of happiness. Don’t add too much orange to a room because it can be overwhelming in large quantities, but with the right amount and right balance, orange can be a wonderful color to have in your home for the Fall season and even year round.
Carpet is a great way to use orange in a room. If the orange color you choose is very bold, then make sure the rest of the room is full of neutral colors so it balances. Be brave and go bold if you want to use a pumpkin orange as the color of your flooring. There are many beautiful neutral pieces of furniture and other accents for a room, so you can still have a gorgeous room with pumpkin colored flooring.

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If you don’t want to use this color as your flooring, then you could paint one accent wall this color or just buy furniture or decorations in this color. Lamps, trays, throw pillows, or even little stools or ottomans are great ways to bring this color into a room without using too much. Also, area rugs are another great way to add orange to a room.

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How do you use the color pumpkin in your home during the holidays and throughout the year?

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blog pumpkin

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