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Coffee Stains and Solution Dyed Carpet

We decided to try a little experiment with our carpet and coffee. Continue reading

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Smartstrand Silk Carpet from Mohawk

Mohawk’s latest addition to its Smartstrand line has us very excited. This is some of the softest carpet we have ever felt, and it lives up to the durability that the rest of Smartstrand is known for having. It will … Continue reading

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Acacia Hardwood – The Truth About Short Leaf vs. Long Leaf Acacia

Acacia has been growing in popularity over the past few years, and for good reason. Its popularity has been fueled by this hardwood’s beautiful swirling grain and character that is truly unique and exotic. However, not all Acacia is the same. The kind of style that is commonly thought of as having that unique Acacia look is actually called “short leaf.” The other kinda is known as “big leaf.” Big leaf has far less character than short leaf and is also much cheaper. Continue reading

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Why Polyester Has Become a New Standard

In the past few years, polyester has taken off in the flooring industry, and there are two main of factors that have boosted polyester to nylon’s number one competitor. Continue reading

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How to Measure for Carpet Installation 101

Our detailed infographic lays out the basics of measuring for carpet and the challenges all roll good flooring products (like vinyl) present. Continue reading

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mm vs mil: What’s the difference?

Millimeters and Mils are two different units of measurement used for laminate and vinyl. In this blog post, we highlight the differences. Continue reading

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Cheap Doesn’t Mean Low Quality at Carpet Express

For decades, we have made a name for ourselves by having discounted carpet styles. Carpet Express has saved thousands of customers money all over the U.S.A. We’ve done this by traditional good business practices like having a healthy stock on … Continue reading

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Domotex and the International Builder’s Show 2013

This is market season at Carpet Express, and we’ve been traveling the globe. We have had great responses at The International Builder’s Show, Domotex, and now Surfaces. The general attitude has been: times are still tough but there is an … Continue reading

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Armstrong Announces Solid Flooring Price Increase

Armstrong Announces Second Solid Flooring Price Hike Since October Citing a continued escalation of lumber prices, Armstrong World Industries (Lancaster, Pa.) on Tuesday announced it will initiate a 10 percent price increase on solid wood flooring for U.S. and Canadian … Continue reading

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Janka Explained

Len Daubler, manager—product support for hard surfaces at Shaw Industries, explains the various Janka numbers for the same species of wood: A Janka Hardness test is part of ASTM D 1037 “Standard Test Methods for Evaluating Properties of Wood-Base Fiber … Continue reading

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